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Six films into the countdown and we already have two John Wayne flicks, both directed by Henry Hathaway. North to Alaska is a brawny, comedic yarn featuring Wayne up in the Nome, AK Gold Rush with Stewart Granger, Ernie Kovacs, Capucine, and Fabian! Slow West is one of the latest round of Westerns, a beautifully shot contemplative piece with Michael Fassbender's grizzled gun helping a young lovelorn Scotsman traverse the violent plains to find his true love before bounty hunters kill her and her father.

If you watch these two together may I suggest adding Goin' South and Wagons East to complete a cardinal direction Western quartet?

North to Alaska and Warlock had the same number of points but NTA's top vote was a third placer while Warlock's was a fifth placer. North to Alaska was only on two ballots, but that 23-point vote catapulted it high enough to make the countdown.

Slow West was on three ballots, it's highest spot being an eighth place (18-point) vote.

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Plenty of comedy and adventure in North to Alaska, something we watch here about once a year. Slow West would be in my Top Ten westerns of the 2000s. I strongly recommend both but they didn't make my list.
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Ernie Kovacs ahead of his time and died way too young.

Probably would've seen North To Alaska when much younger but I'm not counting viewings from such a bygone age and didn't (re)watch it for this. Slow West was an ok watch but never in contention for my list.

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94. The Return Of Ringo
93. Valley Of The Sun
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I haven't seen any yet, but when it comes to westerns I have had both Two Mules for Sister Sara and Slow West on my watchlist for some time.

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North To Alaska's theme tune is like nothin' else. If my dad were to make a list that film'd feature pretty highly.
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Haven't seen any of the first 6, but I had a 1 pointer: Lucky Luke: Ballad of the Daltons. It's a french cartoon on one of Lucky Luke's comic books, and one of my favourite chilhood films! I had it on VHS in french with portuguese subtitles and watched it everyday when I was a kid. Even now, has moments of sheer brilliance, I'd recommend it!

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Lucky Luke is an institution in France, as famous and revered as other comic book stars such as Asterix et Obelix or Tintin et Milou. All have live action adaptations. Above is Jean Dujardin in Lucky Luke (2009).

Introducing the John Wayne/Clint Eastwood Counter. I will be tracking how many titles featuring the two icons of Western cinema appear on the countdown, updating with each reveal. Those are tally marks, not ones. Duke is ahead 2 to 1 over Clint in the very early going: The Sons of Katie Elder and North to Alaska for Wayne, Two Mules for Sister Sara so far for Clint.

Please, no wagering.

I watched Slow West but unfortunately didn't love it. It would have a made a top 35, but I cut it for the top 25.

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So far, Slow West is the only title I've seen. I remember liking it, though I don't think I'd put it on a top 100.

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That's the first movie on the countdown I haven't seen: Slow West.
I might watch it someday, I'm not sure if I'd like it?

I have seen North to Alaska (1960) a couple times, liked it too. Didn't make my list though.

North to Alaska (1960)

North to Alaska
is the perfect film for people who don't like John Wayne and don't like westerns. It's a light heartened comedy set at the start of the 20th century during the Alaskan gold rush.

Besides The Duke, it features British born Stewart Granger who's a hoot as a fellow gold miner, and 1960s teen singing sensation Fabian, and French model turned serious actress Capucine. Oh and there's a cute dog too. I liked the cabin setting up in the mountains by the little stream. Not a deep movie but a fun and entertaining western.
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That's the first movie on the countdown I haven't seen: Slow West.
I might watch it someday, I'm not sure if I'd like it?

I have seen North to Alaska (1960) a couple times, liked it too. It's a fun and easy watch with some interesting settings as it's about the gold rush. Capucine and Fabian both one namers are surprisingly good in this. Didn't make my list though

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Slow West is sort of an anti-western, so hmm I'm not sure if you'd like it either.