35 Things You Might not Have Known about the Action Star Chuck Norris


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  1. There are only three Americans who have recieved an eight degree black belt in Taekwondo.
  2. Yes, he is one of them.
  3. He often trained with Bruce Lee.
  4. He also fought him in "Way of the Dragon".
  5. Bruce Lee said in a real fight that Chuck would win.
  6. He has made two martial arts.
  7. He visited US forces fighting in Iraq 2006.
  8. He later produced a film called Answering the call, which documented and featured this trip to Iraq.
  9. He is a military veteran
  10. Steve McQueen got Chuck Norris into acting.
  11. Chuck Norris needed to obey a producer’s request in order to face off against Bruce Lee.
  12. That request was to gain 20 pounds.
  13. Chuck Norris had his own cartoon series.
  14. Chuck Norris’s full name is Carlos Ray Norris.
  15. Norris was named after his father’s minister, Carlos Berry.
  16. He was an introvert at school.
  17. He was not athletic.
  18. He was academically mediocre.
  19. While on the waiting list for the police force, in 1962, Norris opened his first martial arts studio.
  20. 1989 was the year that Norris received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  21. In 1992 with support from President George Bush, Norris set up his own charitable organization called Kickstart.
  22. Norris has only ever lost ten fights in his life.
  23. On March 28, 2007, Norris became an honorary United States Marine
  24. Norris claimed his favorite Chuck Norris Fact was “They wanted to add his face to Mount Rushmore, but the granite is not hard enough for his beard.”
  25. Norris has shared that his parent’s unstable finances and the embarrassment of his father’s alcoholism are the main reasons for his introverted character as a child.
  26. He is also a producer.
  27. And a screenwriter.
  28. And a book writer.
  29. He was discharged from the US Air Force in August 1962.
  30. He has a 10th degree black belt in Tang Soo Do
  31. At the 2010 ActionFest, Norris won the Lifetime Achievement Award.
  32. Chuck Norris' website's footer has some Chuck Norris Facts on the bottom.
  33. He was the World Karate Champion of 1972.
  34. He got choked by his teacher as a kid.
  35. He is literally immune to rattlesnakes.

"Honor is not in the Weapon. It is in the Man"
2024 is going to be the year of the Chuck Norris comeback. He is returning to films as he will play a version of himself in the action-horror-comedy "Zombie Plane" with Vanilla Ice, and co-starring in Derek Ting's "Alien Recon" with his son Dallas serving as his fight coordinator.
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"Honor is not in the Weapon. It is in the Man"
Not sure yet as there's not even a US release date as of yet.

Another fun fact: In 1976, Chuck Norris had a sparring session with 1970s martial arts action star John Liu and the winner was determined by audience applause. Liu ended up beating Norris.

Liu would be known for "The Secret Rivals" and 2 years ago, his unfinished 1984 film "New York Ninja" was released after a 2-year project to do all post-production with Liu's blessing although he didn't want to be involved.

Norris has only ever lost ten fights in his life.
Must've been against his reflection in the mirror.
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36. He is so fast, he once knocked himself out when he ran around the world and kicked himself in the back of the head.
37. He doesn't sleep...he waits.
38. The dark is afraid of Chuck Norris
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Bruce Lee said in a real fight that Chuck would win.

Is this so?

In a fight to death of course Norris would let Bruce win so that Norris could win over death next.

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When Chuck Norris does push-ups. He's actually pushing the world down .
Did you know that in the 1980s movie PREDATOR the titular character was not originally portrayed by Kevin Peter Hall. It was in fact Jean-Claude Van Damme donning a much more insect inspired full body suit before he left the production which then led to the recasting and redesigning of the famous hunter.

When Chuck Norris does push-ups. He's actually pushing the world down .
Ahahah! That's a good one

Chuck Norris can do a wheelie on a unicycle
Chuck Norris can slam revolving doors
Death once had a near-Chuck-Norris experience
"Miss Jean Louise, Mr. Arthur Radley."