No Holds Barred

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No Holds Barred
Five Flairs and One David Flair out of Five
A classic and at the same time the best film Hulk Hogan has even been the star of (sorry, Santa With Muscles and Suburban Commando) this film only suffers from the small fact that its a wrestling movie, about the WWF, and they even had a match in the actual wrestling show between Hogan and Tiny Lister, but for some reason (probably Hogan, who is notoriously protective of his character) they did not have him play his wrestling persona in the film; opting instead to create an almost identical character named "Rip" as a Hogan stand in. Ridiculously tone deaf and uproariously funny (for all the wrong reasons) and with fantastic turns from Kurt Fuller ("hes a JOCK ASS!") Bill Eadie (Ax from the WWF) and the king of the lariat Stan Hansen ("LITTLE WANGERS!") this movie is something you MUST see, even if you don't care at all about wrestling.

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