Movies you couldn't even finish.


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List the movies you couldn't even finish and why.

Marci X - Lisa Kudrow did a rap about designer purses
Idle Hands - I realized it was about a posessed hand
Inspector Gadget - It was too damn boring

league of extordinary gentleman - jus plain sucked
8 mile - hated it so much
bringin down the house - i jus wasnt interesting to me.
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I dont think I've ever not finished a movie but sometimes I wish I hadn't
Legally Blonde
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Kate and Leopold
15 years ago, A mop boy named Melvin Junko fell into a case full of toxic waste and became a hideously deformed creature of superhuman size and strength, he became... The Toxic Avenger, the first superhero from New Jersey! Then came two shitty sequels, sorry about that. This is the real sequel.

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Eyes Wide Shut, absolutely hated this film.

Too many others to list.

I left in the middle of my free viewing of The Whole Ten Yards.
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There's a thread called "movies you walked out on" or something somewhere... same general idea.

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There's a thread called "movies you walked out on" or something somewhere... same general idea.
Well, for either thread, I submit Dude Where's My Car?, which I couldn't finish because it was a blatant attempt to shrink the minds of the American public.

The Wedding Planner...

This thread is a little different then the "walk out" one because movies on DVD or even TV can also be listed... but here is the link for it:

You Ever Walk Out of the Theater?
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Yeah, I also just recently waked out of Envy. I paid 10 bucks for about 20 minutes of bad bad film.

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Home Alone 4, just terrible.
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Does falling asleep half way thru count? that would be Coyote Ugly
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Cheaper by The Dozens (2004)
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Get Shorty

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All good people are asleep and dreaming.
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I eventually finished it when it came on HBO, still hated it.

Moulin Rouge and The Matrix... I know people who just love them... I couldn't keep watching.

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master and commander
a.i artificial intellegence
kate and leopold
death to smoochy

Legally Blonde-put me off doing law forever and I only saw 20min!!!
Moulin Rouge-made me want to gouge my eyes out.
Dirty Dancing-just couldnt watch it all.