Song Tournament (May 2024)



  • Join in and drop out as you please
  • Max song duration: 10 minutes
  • No individual matches means no random or host 'fixing' the matches
  • Only one nomination per person per 'round'
  • Only those with songs nominated in any 'round' are eligible to vote in that particular 'round'; except the 'Final' where all those that have previously nominated a song in the month may vote should they wish

Every couple of days there will be a new 'round' where any and all newly nominated songs are up against each other. As soon as voting starts for one 'round,' nominations will be accepted for the next 'round'.

Players vote by ranking all the songs in that 'round' from 1 (your favorite) to n (your least favorite). Songs will be awarded points based on their positional ranking in each vote (number of points will depend on the number of songs contesting the 'round' - if 10 songs #1 song would get 10 points, #10 song would get 1 point).

The winning song from each 'round' (or songs in the case of a tie) goes through to the 'Final' at the end of the month.

Songs that have won previous tournaments are ineligible -
list here  

Nominations need to be freely available to all participants, YouTube is most commonly used but any freely available and legal source is acceptable. Sometimes YouTube videos can be geo-blocked so where necessary an alternative link for those who might need it may be required. You can check if/where any YouTube vid has been geo-blocked via this website.
Nominations for Round 1 open until May 1.

Tagging everyone who participated in the last tournament, although anyone is eligible to join:

@Thief; @crumbsroom; @mrblond; @Tugg; @Death Proof; @mistique; @jiraffejustin; @John Dumbear; @Thursday Next; @Torgo; @John-Connor; @Sedai; @honeykid; @cat_sidhe; @Captain Terror

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Joe Satriani - House Full of Bullets
"Population don't imitate art, population imitate bad television." W.A.
"You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus." M.T.

A system of cells interlinked
Sweet! Time to come in last some more!

Let's get right into last place with a big ol' slab of cheese metal.

Ad Infinitum - Unstoppable
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Warren Zevon - Carmelita
A hundred percent death proof.

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