Mofo Bros Top 100: A Raul and Sean Production

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Three viewings in and I think Casablanca is a very good movie that I just don't quite respond to as a favorite. Very worth of all the accolades though. I will certainly play it again Sam...I'm such an old geezer.

Haven't had many movies go immediately into my top ten on first watch. This was one that did and I haven't seen a reason to move it anywhere but up in my two subsequent viewings. I just love that characters and the world building so much here. The use of sound is incredible. The opening scene sets the tone for that. The best Morricone score, which I am sure is cinephile blasphemy. In fact, as much as I respect TGTBATU, I think OUATITW does everything better. One man's opinion.

I feel like there are three PTA films that every time I watch them I think that must be my favorite. Magnolia is the one that really sticks in my brain though. I just love every single character and how Anderson moves them around. The themes of loss, hurt, love, and loneliness are done so poignantly and can't help but resonate. even if you haven't been crushed like some of these characters have. The musical interlude and the plague, both that feel like rebirths are very spiritual sequences. Magnolia pushes all my cinematic buttons.

What a way to end it all, Sean. Two great ones for sure

For me, it took me another viewing to truly appreciate OUATITW, which I found a bit forced in its attempt to be grand, epic and like a magnum opus. But my second viewing was much much better and I was able to focus more on everything throughout. I loved it last time I saw it.

As you know, Im also a humongous PTA fan, and Magnolia was certainly one of those that made me love his work. He completely blew me away with it. I saw it again recently and I still really like it a lot. Love the playful energy and technical flair on display. Amazing performances too. All around quite the cinematic experience. Its less contained and controlled compared to his newer work, but I definitely dont mind the younger and more forward marching PTA. Its got big arm movements, but its so expertly done still that I love it even so. Especially so.

Great finish Sean! Love number 2 obviously and really need to see number 1 again.

A solid list from Sean, some I've not seen but there are 49 in total I've given ratings to (I only started giving ratings when I joined here so I've seen more than I've rated) and the average works out at 8.12 which I'd definitely class as indicating approval
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I've not seen OUATITW for decades, but naturally I didn't like it. Better than TGTBATU though, which I think is a bad film. Still not seen Magnolia and, while I don't like PTA, this is a film I wouldn't be against seeing. Congrats on finishing your list, Sean.

I like Casablanca but don't see it the way so many do. It's alright, it's a good film and script but I don't see it as romantic and I've never been a fan of Bogie. Don't dislike him, again, just don't see what's great about him.
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I know eh. I want to say thanks to sean and raul but I'm just not going to do it until both lists are done.
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First Time Watching

A rental with the parentals, and thought it was great upon first watch

How many times watched

Probably upwards of 30 or so

Best Performance

Obviously Denzel

Best Scene

That ending, the best ending I've seen in a movie more than likely

Why I love it

Mainly Denzel's sensational performance, but the story and script are great too. And the editing doesn't grate on me like everyone else.

I really like Man On Fire, and Tony Scott in general, quite a bit. Maybe not after 30 watches though. Im not sure any PTA movie could withstand me viewing it 30 times.

I really like Man On Fire, and Tony Scott in general, quite a bit. Maybe not after 30 watches though. Im not sure any PTA movie could withstand me viewing it 30 times.
I had insane viewing habits back in the day. Like I would make it through my whole DVD collections once a year. Even the bad movies I had too.