MoFo Fantasy Football 2021 - The Season


The trick is not minding
At least your terrible week coincided with me having an amazing week. I find it much more frustrating to score 120+ in a loss than to get blown out.

I noticed that our playoffs are now weeks 15-17. I'm okay with that since a few NFL teams are on a bye in week 14. Just curious if @Yoda made the change or if this is the new Yahoo default.
Yep. This is so true, in light of last nights game.
129 points and I still lose. 🤨
On a side note, there may be a few other heart breaks depending on tonight’s game.
Misery loves company.

Assuming no disasters in tonight's game, for the first time this season I will notch wins in both of my leagues in the same week. I am 90% to win here, 91% in the other. I only need 17.3 points, combined, from Lamar Jackson and Latavius Murray tonight and I'll beat Beantown.
I, uh, made my 17.3 points.

As the third quarter started, shockingly, my fate was still in doubt. Lamar had no touchdowns and was only 8 of 11 for 107 yards. Of course as you all know by now The Ravens had an historic comeback from the deep hole they had dug themselves into and Lamar had a career night. His numbers for the second half and OT were 29 of 32 for 335 yards and four touchdowns, plus those pair of 2-pointers, too! My wife and I were at the game. We stayed until the end with all of the what-in-the-Hell-just-happened moments. It was squirrel poop all the way, some truly nutty sh!t.

Check out the 25 to 31 final score behind us!

Above is Mark Andrews second TD as seen from our seats eight rows from the field.

For the first time this season I am in a single digit place in the standings. Number nine, with a bullet! I have a clear recipe for success, now. I just need fifty points from Lamar and thirty from Davante Adams and I'll be in most games. Jackson finished with 49.88 fantasy points, which counteracted Beantown's 42.5 from Josh Allen, while Adams had 32.10 in that crazy Packers/Bengals game which bested his 22.40 from Kyle Pitts. For good measure Antonio Gibson had another strong outing in the loss to New Orleans with two TDs and 20.20. Deebo Samuel came back down to earth a bit in the relatively low scoring 49ers/Cardinals tilt that was supposed to be a shootout but wasn't, salvaging his day with a third quarter TD run for a total of 14.60 points, which was only 0.17 points shy of his projection.

That was about it from my squad with Chase Edmonds, Latavius Murray, and Tyler Conklin only good for another 10.40 points combined. Certainly didn't need them in Week Five as I was still 26 points above my overall projection. Next up: send in the clowns! The Censored Clowns, that is. I sure hope Lamar and Herbert have a big back-and-forth game Sunday afternoon and Jackson stays in video game mode.

Oh, and in the best-of-both worlds scenario I could only have dreamed of, my only remaining player going into MNF in my other league was Colts RB Jonathan Taylor. His 116 combined yards and pair of TDs equaled 31.90 points in that league and were overkill. I cruised to victory there, as well. I am in third place (out of ten teams) in that league.
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Geez, Parrotheads! You need to calm down!
Side note: what is the all time scoring total in this league?
I'm fine, now, but needing 20 points from a RB who has a tendency to go MIA and a TE on Monday night didn't inspire much confidence. So my team now has the worst scoring week in the league this season at (55 pts) and the best (180). I think it's a safe bet that they will continue to score somewhere in between going forward.

Geez, Parrotheads! You need to calm down!
Side note: what is the all time scoring total in this league?
Well, we had full PPR for one season (2009), so nominally it was PW with 216.40 in Week 6 of that year. I was his opponent and scored 150 and still lost easily.

If we adjust from half-PPR to full-PPR, it was @TONGO in 2018, week 4, with 216.86. You can see the insanity here:

Note that he got ZERO from one of his WR slots, too. But every other non-K/non-D starter scored over 20.

A guy in my other league had a week like that, just this week. Remember we are full PPR and have a third WR and a second FLEX spot. Even so, he got 275.52 points! A mere 105.54 over his projection. His margin of victory was 131.60.

AND he left David Njoku and his 27.90 points on his bench. If he had started him instead of Conner as his second FLEX he would have had 292.72. His team had been winless coming into Week Five. Now he is 1-4 with the third highest cumulative point total in the league.

Lesson learned: Never bench Buffalo's defense. They've been excellent this season, but it's mostly come against subpar offenses, and one of the general rules in fantasy football is not to start defenses against Pat Mahomes. I started the Jets defense instead. Just typing that sentence makes me feel like a dunce, but the wire lacked appealing options, and their opponent, the Atlanta Falcons, have struggled offensively and were without multiple playmakers. When the Jets D finished with 4 points, I still thought, "Okay, that's probably more than Buffalo will score tonight." Wrong. Buffalo scored 17 points. A 13-point difference. I lost by less than 6.

I can also point to one crucial play in the Pats-Texans game that ultimately cost me a victory. Early in the game it appeared that Damien Harris had scored his 2nd TD of the day, but instant replay showed that he lost control of the ball inches before crossing the goal line. Houston recovered the ball in the end zone. TD overturned. Instead of 6 points, I lost 2 points. An 8-point turnaround. Again, I lost by less than 6.

Frustrating, but my team sucked this week anyway and would've lost in any other match-up regardless of my line-up decisions. Five weeks in and I still don't know what to make of my team. Zero consistency. One week I'm the highest-scoring team. Next week I'm the lowest. I was so excited about my WR trio after the draft, but Diggs and AJ Brown have severely underwhelmed. Injuries are mostly to blame for the latter, while Diggs is a victim of Josh Allen spreading the ball around much more this season. TJ Hockenson got off to a hot start, but has barely done anything the past three weeks as defenses have keyed on him as Detroit's #1 receiving option. And I've already reached the point with Tannehill where I feel more confident just streaming QBs off the wire. At least Darrell Henderson Jr. has proven to be a nice pick for me, but he's so damn injury prone.

Life as a shorty shouldn't be so rough
Interesting match-up for me this weekend. Both times are going to be playing the waiting game to see which RBs are in or out around the league. The biggest question mark for both teams will be the health of Dalvin Cook. Beantown has Dalvin Cook and I have Alexander Mattison, plus the Vikings have a bye week after this week... if you ask me for my unbiased opinion, I say the Vikings should give Dalvin the extra week of rest heading into the bye, which is also my biased opinion as well. He will also be keeping an eye out for the status of Chris Carson and Damien Harris as he's got their replacements on his roster ready to go. I just picked up Khalil Herbert who is battling for touches with Damien Williams in the place of David Montgomery. Also, I have no intentions of starting either Eagles back against the Bucs.

The trick is not minding
Going to be a interesting week. Many of us are either 3-2 or 2-3. A lot of us are looking to separate from the pack or even our records to stay within playoff contention.

Pete Carroll Is still downplaying Carson's injury. His career is likely over and he acts like Carson just slept on it wrong or something. Anyway, I doubt Carson suits up. Unless they give him the super Roids. Always a possibility. They get the best roids in the NFL. No contest
We are both the source of the problem and the solution, yet we do not see ourselves in this light...

Life as a shorty shouldn't be so rough
Pete Carroll Is still downplaying Carson's injury. His career is likely over and he acts like Carson just slept on it wrong or something. Anyway, I doubt Carson suits up. Unless they give him the super Roids. Always a possibility. They get the best roids in the NFL. No contest
I don't have my ear to the ground or anything like that, but nothing I've seen says anything like this. I am curious as to why you believe his career is likely over. Is there something I am just not seeing or hearing?

Think it was one of the few beat writers that follow the team on Twitter. The prognosis was pretty grim for him long term. Not like anybody is immune from fake news these days tho. I guess it could just be bs.

This week between BYEs and injuries I have to trot out some suspect maybes and am a ten-point projected underdog to the Censored Clowns. More importantly I am facing off against my wife in my other league. I am a five-point projected favorite there, but I am nervous. She has Mahomes who is overdue for a huge game and playing the soft WFT secondary.

But I am going to the Ravens/Chargers game Sunday afternoon with my Dad. The first two Baltimore home games have been instant classics. We'll see if that continues this week!

The trick is not minding
I actually feel good about my matchup with Sendai. He has the unfortunate luck of having Kamara on a bye this week.
Still waiting to find out Carson’s status, and they’ll probably wait until game day, but if he can’t go, that leaves me with Gordon, who has been hit or miss this year. He just isn’t been able to fight off Williams for the bulk of the carries, and to top it off, is also dealing with an injury.
Patterson is on a bye, so he isn’t an option.
We also just managed a trade with each other (Allen for Godwin) so it’ll be interesting to see how they fare against their former owners.
Good Luck Sedai!

Life as a shorty shouldn't be so rough
It is looking like the Vikings will be starting Dalvin Cook which sends Alexander Mattison to the bench for me and Dalvin to the starting lineup for Beantown. This is the biggest swing in this matchup as Dalvin Cook being out would have almost certainly (as certain as you can get in fantasy football, which is to say not that certain) gifted me the win. My RB2 slot was then pretty sketchy as I wasn't going to start any Eagle RB against the Bucs, I then had to decide if I thought Dalvin coming back meant that maybe Mattison would still get a decent workload. Because I trust Mattison splitting touches more than I touch Khalil Herbert splitting touches, but out of the blue I find out Damien Williams caught the Covid. Khalil Herbert is now probably an every down back for the Bears this week. Hopefully that will carry me to victory.

The trick is not minding
Well, Fournette just had maybe his game of the year, so I'm pretty sure the schedule Gods are gonna screw my comeback attempt.
Yeah, with Brady’s bum hand, they decided to run him a lot last night, which of course brought Brady’s stats down.
On a side rant of my own: who is this OJ Howard guy and why is he taking catches away from Godwin?! 🤨

The trick is not minding
Well, it’s official. Carson is out again. So I must go with Gordon, who is also dealing with an injury, while shrubby playing time with Williams. Not ideal.