MoFo Fantasy Football 2021 - The Season


Yeah, it looks terrible. They just showed what it looked like with his shoe off. Definitely gonna miss some games. Ouch!
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Yeah, didn't really have the margin starting 0-4. Hell, I might have run into another top scoring team this week, me and Justin have the two highest projected totals right now, so I might actually lose again because of this, nevermind the next few weeks even if it's not that bad.


Life as a shorty shouldn't be so rough
Justin Herbert is pissing me off a great deal right about now.

EDIT: That motherf*cker has 50 points.

Life as a shorty shouldn't be so rough
It looks like there is a chance I could lose and still move up in the rankings, so I am not too bummed out. It would have been nice if Herbert didn't just have the highest score of the season on me. Mahomes is capable of having that type of game too, but I'm not counting on 70 points out of two dudes.

The trick is not minding
Meanwhile, I’m not feeling too comfortable with a slight lead against PW. 19 points can get erased pretty easily between Edwards-Helaire and Knox. I’d feel better had the Dallas D not returned that INT for a TD.
Can’t lose 2 in a row here.

The trick is not minding
Hahaha! 😜
In all seriousness, I’m seriously sweating this game here.
At least I’m not alone, as The Empire is in the same boat as I.

Well... at least I seem to have a TE that I can throw out there for a bit and see what happens. Hopefully he doesn't get hurt by the fourth quarter.

Yeah. I guess... CEH just got carried off the field and I lost my QB this week. Gonna be throwing a lot of darts from here on out. But yeah gg big guy.

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Well, The Clowns and I dialed up a couple of stinkers, with what will prove to easily be the two lowest scores of the week after tonight's game. I will take the win, though. My team is bad, but I move to 3-2 after this week.
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Assuming no disasters in tonight's game, for the first time this season I will notch wins in both of my leagues in the same week. I am 90% to win here, 91% in the other. I only need 17.3 points, combined, from Lamar Jackson and Latavius Murray tonight and I'll beat Beantown.
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The trick is not minding
Don’t think it has escaped my notice that everyone who has beaten me has had their best scoring of the year so far that weekend. 😒