Hammer films


When speaking of non-Hammer Cushings one must mention Horror Express. It's a pretty neat (and loose) adaptation of Who Goes There? (a novella that The Thing was based on). As a bonus, you get Christopher Lee and Telly Savalas as well.
Oh yeah, love Horror Express. I especially love when the Inspector guy is talking to Cushing and Lee and says that even they could be monsters, and Cushing pops back, "Monsters!? We're British you know!"

He said something like that in another non-Hammer film---I think it might have been At the Earth's Core (which I loved), where he said, "You can't mesmerize me, I'm British!"
"Miss Jean Louise, Mr. Arthur Radley."

I just finished "The Lodge". It was an interesting watch.

I liked it better than "Winchester" and "The Quiet Ones" but not as much as "The Woman in Black". I enjoy "The Woman in Black" because its more of gothic horror.

Two that haven't been mentioned yet that I really dug:

Rasputin: the Mad Monk (1966)

Night Creatures (AKA: Captain Clegg) (1962)

@honeykid would be a good person to ask for recommendations. He's well-versed with Hammer. Same goes for @Swan.

As Citizen Rules pointed out, there was a Hammer/Universal Hall of Fame that I hosted back in the day. It was a wild success and is widely hailed the greatest Hall of Fame on this site to date. Of course, at the time I was the MVP of those things, completing all films and turning in my lists at record speeds.