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A Romani guitarist and an American gunslinger must put aside their differences in the face of mortal danger, even if it kills them!

The D's are the only thing about these men that's silent!

The gun... And the guitar... They have always played their own tune... But now they must learn to play in harmony!

The Execution of Peeping Tom

This would be the documentary that provides the ultimate deterrant. Privacy seekers everywhere would praise this film like the Lord himself and it would become a sensation that would make the Beatles jealous. Yes... my dreams will come true.
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...The Napping Lions Bones Apart
wordplay on the Napoleon Bonepart name
I'm most certainly not first to see this

How to Mentally Torture the Spies Invading your Privacy

Although having your privacy invaded is a very serious and humiliating matter, this movie would be lightly comedic. Here youd see the protagonist who discovers his home was wired and monitored turning the antagonists own tricks against them. These antics that drive his secret admirers nuts would accomplish the comedic part. The other side of this would be through the defenders example, it would be like an instructional video that demonstrates all the ways a spy might tap your home, how to unearth the tech that watches you in the shower (among other things) and methods to aggravate your peeping toms to the brink of madness. The moral here is that you might be powerless against such foes but they are not in control and if you learn what to do you can make their efforts wholly unrewarding.

There must be a hundred movie titles that start with, "The Girl That..." or The Girl With.... So heres my own title in that structure:
The Girl That Joined Their Fun

I Sold Your Marker
on the poster the tagline would read, "You're no longer in debt to me."
This movie could go any way, depending on what the debt was, who held the marker and who bought it.

Not Your Fall Guy
"They thought they had the perfect fall guy. But now, those crooked politicians are gonna have to set someone else up."
In the movie their unsuspecting fall guy outwits them with social media as they try to silence him. The payline would go a little something like this:
"That's a lot of pressure for a working class man to take."