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Snacks on a Plane: Turbulent Taste Buds

Am You Sick?

This one is a title thats been kicked around for decades by all artists in all mediums but only the smartest dare not use it or utter it or hint at it. Truth is, its out there and its sort of taboo... and thats what makes it so great. If you can pull it off and have it make sense with meaningfulness as a title through the content of the movie, you could really create a cornerstone with Am You Sick?
for what?

This one would be a trilogy.

The Complication

The Complications

The Computation

This would be a progressive psyche puzzle mystery with some timeslip/tech elements, brought on by a complication in the cohesive fabric of reality through high tech experimentation that only a colossal computation can patch up, and yes, AI saves the day here. Once the computation is fixed at the core of the trouble the complication divides into a much wider sphere of complications that surpasses the protagonists abilities to solve. So part two would end as tragic and episode 3 would be a thriller as a race against the complication as it deepens gets more intense.

Sequel to "The Mask"?
Not necessarily. You could probably make it a sequel, but I was thinking more down to earth comedy where some average joe finds a magic cape or somehow gets it in some abnormal circumstance. Probably wouldn't do well as a sequel.

Attack of the Killer Cupcakes: A Sweet Revenge

Love Makes Your Wallet Fat

I was going to suggest For The Love Of Money but theres already two movies with that title and both of them aren't what I want to see, at least under that title.

Love Means Never Having To Say I Love You
- a love story

Leonard Part Seven (Leonard vs Norbit)
- a comedy

One Skinny Chicken
- a tale of intrigue, embezzlement and tax fraud

The Fumbling Adventures of Captain Banana Peel

A Seinfeld homage:


Sack Lunch

Prognosis Negative

Ponce de Leon

Agent Zero

Rochelle, Rochelle

Mountain High

Cry, Cry Again


Blame It On The Rain

Fizzocalypse: The Cola Catastrophe

Sugarless Same-Ages

or alternatively

Unsweetened Partners

Q: "Who's your sugar daddy?"
A: "I stick to my own generation thank you very much."
Q: "Okay then... who's your unsweetened partner of a similar age?"

The Wacky Whisk: Adventures in the Kitchen