everybody so clueless about film


I do still think that miami vice is the best cop show ever made, forgive me if im wrong xd

Movies are escapism for most. Just something to get away from the common humdrum of daily stressful life. Now after that if you ask them to watch Ikiru or something, chances are they wont enjoy it or just wont get onboard the concept of watching something that has subtitles in it.

All of my friends bar one, don't like subtitles, don't like B&W, so their taste never expands.
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One thing I've noticed about my friends is that they seem to like movies that are same ol, same ol, and sometimes if a movie does something different, they get turned off. I watched Colossal, with my friends which did something different, but they thought it was terrible. But yet they like Aquaman, which is too much the same as so many other superhero movies that came before it, with nothing new or fresh to bring to the table I thought. So I don't understand how they can like something that's so been there done that, but yet don't like movies like Colossal.

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I have a friend who doesn't go to the cinema, rent films or watch online. He's never purchased his own subscription for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu or any streaming service. Instead, he views all his TV shows and films on satellite TV. Sometimes he'll watch something that's rated like a 4 on IMDb and he'll complain to me, "People just eat up garbage like this all day every day" and he implies that it lowers his opinion of me for being a "film buff" as he calls me.

I explain to him that this sort of thing is NOT what I spend my time on, and that he is being subjected to low-budget trash, but he doesn't care enough to research upcoming films in the lineup that might be good, and settles for whatever has a vaguely interesting premise. Once in a while he'll rave to me about a production he liked that he'll say is a great movie, and often what he mentions are the more popular films that mostly everyone watches (that end up with a high average rating).
I know that he wouldn't want to sit through anything he thought was "slow," which means many indie films are out.

Anyway, my point is that there are all kinds of people out there, and sometimes because of their lack of interest in making an effort to "seek out good content" they're left thinking that the film industry is mainly sh1t and that they're better off not really caring about cinema.

Terminator 2 's comparable to Alien in that there were things that hadn't been seen before, or done as convincingly.

I'm a nerd and from a nerd perspective, a lot of people like movies that can provide them instant gratification, especially those who come to cinemas. Explosion, eye-popping CGI, fight scenes, jokes... They just need some feel-good dopamine in their system. That in itself isn't a bad thing (heck, when I go to the cinema with my friends I also settle down with some simple, exciting films too) It's only a problem when people are so used to the instant gratification anything that doesn't provide them so is not a real movie.

Does anybody else find it almost impossible to find people who share their passion for film, quite often if somebody claims they love movies after I say I do, I will ask them the last one they saw and it's always ****ing Alien and they have to think about it for 10 minutes, if I try to watch a film with somebody that's not spoon feeding you thrills and storyline and takes a bit of effort, they say something like "This is weird".. every time I go in HMV there's idiot chavs walking around with a copy of "Snatch" or "Goodfellas" like the only two movies that exist... or confused people picking up great perhaps more obscure titles, looking briefly at cover at putting it back down uninterested and then finally settling on Deadpool 2... I never expect different anymore, it's so ****ing predictable. I had one friend a while back where we could get in discussion about film for hours but I moved away and not much in contact anymore, sorry for this rant but in HMV this morning and it was the same ****ing sorry scene. If I hear one more person tell me the last movie they watched was Alien, I think I will walk away from them because I am sick of hearing it.

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People who don't share your tastes aren't dumb, they just don't share your tastes. I could pick up on your 5 favourite films and think they're aweful, but I don't as I think each to their own and why would I care that much about anyone elses choices anyway?

You can talk here for hours about the most esoteric of films if you feel the need to have decent debates about any film going, you'll find someone here who's watched it.

People can change too. I spent years (and I mean like 25 years) trying to get my brother to watch even one subtitled film, but no. I went to visit him last weekend and he's now got Netflix and is a fan of subtitled Korean gangster series - he keeps messaging me recommendations, it's mad. See you only need to get into one film to want to explore more. You just need to find a gateway film for a friend and off you pop.