Movie of the Month - Annihilation (June 2018)



In Wolfe's books you have the Alzabo, a extra-terrestrial monster of roughly bear/big cat size and shape that absorbs the personalities of the people it consumes for awhile. It will track down a victims family for example and speak to them with the family members voice/memories to try and lure them to it...
You know who did that idea first, Roger Corman in Attack of the Crab Monsters (1957). Giant predatory crabs can talk to people by telepathy, then consume them and absorb their personalities, into the crab. It's a B movie, but the concept was really cool. As soon as I seen the bear creature in Annihilation I thought of Attack of the Crab Monsters.

man was it a weird movie. Great, but weird.

Quite liked the visuals. But rubbish.
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I remembered Yoda saying something about how the noise was going to be the Annihilation Noise the way that the bwwwaaaamp was the Inception Noise when I read this today:

Still think of this film from time to time; I really did enjoy it.

Haha I still make that noise around my house just to annoy my wife....bwamp bwamp bwaaaaamp

I enjoyed the ending part. Giving it a rating of 8/10