The MoFo 100 Worst Movies You've Seen: Countdown

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Episode I The Phantom Menace was so bad that after watching it in the theater, I decided not to watch the other two prequels.
I gave Episode II a chance. Though it wasnt as an affront to the senses like the worst parts of Ep 1, it didnt have the high points either. Really was boring and flat. I never saw Episode III.

I for decades never understood this kind of soul crushing feeling in a sequel or prequel cause I liked All 7 well enough i never knew pain until peter jackson dare deliver and make battle of the five armies a reality.

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I even revisited all three prequels last year and, while I'm hard-pressed to say I liked them, they're hardly the worst movies I ever saw and wouldn't make a worst 100 (though it's not for lack of trying on Episode II's part).
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.
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I also don't think the prequels are that bad, or bad at all. Episode II is the most flawed, but Episode I is a decent sci-fi flick if you separate it from the mythos and I will always believe that Episode III is a better trilogy ender than Return of the Jedi was. Ewan McGregor's performance is too good for anything that made my 25 list.

Welcome to the human race...
As much as I like CinemaSins, I still know that there are limits to how effective they can be in "proving" that a given movie is bad.

As much as I like CinemaSins, I still know that there are limits to how effective they can be in "proving" that a given movie is bad.
Oh of course, but Episode I has the capacity to floor my taste so hard I physically writhed in my seat. Jar Jar, that land speeder race, the end scene with young Vader.....truly Harry Potter exuded more authenticity, and I had regarded Star Wars in a higher category than that.

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