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In an effort to open up floor space I did this tonight.

Looks messy but man does it open up the room a bit more. Feel claustrophobic the way I had it before.

Been dorking around on the Raptor the last couple of nights, and it's slowly becoming my favorite guitar. Infinitely easier to play standing up. Not sure why (maybe just the design?) but the frets are a lot easier to see.

The goal now is to get to a level of proficiency where I can play the Alvarez standing up. That one is a thorough nightmare to play standing up because I can't see anything, so it's pure muscle memory. And I take longer to develop that than most people I know.
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Havenít check this thread out in a while. My latest 2 additions from a few months back. Although similar models they sound very different. I put this down to the bridge.
Those are beautiful.

Where do you pick up these pearls of wisdom?
Those are beautiful.
Thanks. I just wish I had more time to play. I now have 9 guitars on stands in a small bedroom dedicated to them so no other furniture other than an amp and a stool. I do feel these are my last purchases as Iím now full to capacity. At least this stops me browsing in shops and online.

Where do you pick up these pearls of wisdom?
You can never have too many guitars. It is a sickness but what the hell. Any free space is always a potential storage spot which you will always manage to find. Also every guitar you buy is always the last....until the next one.

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I've seen a few guitars pop up that are calling my name but dang it, I'm trying to be frugal while we still have mom's house in repair. I hate that house btw. Hate is such a soft understatement. I hate Home Depot even more though.

Grats on the book. Enjoy the read. I can't remember the last time I touched my guitar. I THINK I posted that I got a bone spur in my shoulder area that was keeping me from lifting my right arm much and couldn't drape it over an acoustic in my lap. Been going to physical therapy for a few weeks before this house timeline started. That helped a lot actually. It at least gave me confidence in what motions I COULD do without pain, which led me to reconfiguring myself (motion, posture, whatever) to work around the pain. I THINK I tried to pluck a few strings the week before heading up to VA last month, but it wasn't much.

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@ynwtf: Bone spurs are awful. I don't have them...yet. Family genetics tell me I will one day.

I do have scoliosis, though, and a winged scapular, so playing while standing = guaranteed pain. I'm slowly trying to increase the amount of time I can withstand, but longest I have been able to bear is about 15 minutes.

That elusive hide-and-seek cow is at it again
Well, I called about that used guitar that had been calling my name. 1977 acoustic. But someone installed a pickup on it, drilling into the bridge to mount it, then the body for a 1/4" cable port. Broke my heart. Just broke. my. heart.