The biggest plot holes


Oh okay, good point that he could be dead from the impact. But also, it's just that Detroit's medical survices were able to save Murphy, after he had been shot so many times, and shot in the head, so the medical survices were top notch. Sure he was not very alive, but enough to remember and things and function to a degree. So I thought the medical responses were top notch.

Also, in this bad future, how is that the prosecution can afford not to make deals? If they don't make deals, that means every criminal has to go to trial, which costs a lot more. Could they afford that in this future, and afford not to make deals? Wouldn' this mean the courts are top notch as well, if they can afford to prosecute all the criminals without making deals?

It just seems kind of inconsistent because it's suppose to be dystopian and run down, yet the medical services and the courts are top notch it seems.
The docs that saved Murphy weren't regular doctors. They were part of OCP's research team and were funded by OCP's RoboCop Program headed by Bob Morton.

If you watch the scene, and listen to the doctors talking, they weren't trying to save Murphy... and the defibrillator wasn't to restart Murphy's heart, it was to stop it.
From the very outset, they were prepping him to be turned into a cyborg.

Most if not all of the medical services in this future are also private.
There's no medical care for crims or anyone without some sort of payment method.
The Family Heart Center advert at the start shows this with the dialogue about extended warranties, financing, and health tax credits if you buy a top brand heart...

Also, the future portrayed in the movie... cops and crims simply don't make deals.
When Clarence and his gang catch any cop, the cop is killed without remorse or a second thought... as explained in the news stories.
Sgt Reed's reaction to the lawyers trying to barter a deal over bail. He says "Your client's a scumbag, you're a scumbag, and scumbags see the Judge on Monday morning". Captured crims go to court, no exceptions.
The cops are at the end of their tether with the violence they suffer... "we lost 5 guys last week!". Cops are being slaughtered on site by the populous of Detroit.
Look what happens when the cops do actually strike... the city immediately turns into an even worse warzone than it already was.
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Oh okay, but I thought that it was regular doctors who worked on Murphy and then after they failed to save Murphy, then he was passed on to COP scienstists afterwards. What do the doctors say to indicate that they were trying to stop his heart? If they wanted his heart to stop, then why use a difibrilator at all, and why not just wait for it to stop from the loss of further blood?

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I think the default answer may just be, "because it's fiction."

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Hypothesis: All time travel movies generate paradoxes and are thus logically impossible.

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Hypothesis: All time travel movies generate paradoxes and are thus logically impossible.
Speaking of time travel possible plot holes, does the movie Timecrimes (2007) count as a plot hole?

WARNING: "SPOILER" spoilers below
All the main character had to do was just hide for an hour, and everything would have been theoretically fine. Instead he chose to make things worse for himself, and when everything went wrong, he chose to make things even worse for himself after that, instead of just staying hidden until the time problem passed.