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Movie scene(s) from comedy film


In 2006 or so, I saw a film of which I don't remember the name (it must have been released by then). I believe it was a comedy film. I don't remember the actors or much about the plot of the film, but there is one particular scene:

A man is in the stairwell of a large apartment building. He walks to an apartment close to the top, where he talks to someone. The owner closes the door on him (after having an argument, I think). Residents of the building have all put their rubbish bins outside their doors for collection, and when the man leaves the apartment, he accidentally knocks over of one of these bins, causing it to roll down the stairs after him. The bin in turn knocks over more and more bins, causing them all to roll down the stairs, forcing the man to run to avoid being crushed.
At some point (in the same scene, I think), the man falls through a window in the stairwell. First, he lands on an antenna/satellite dish of some sort, which causes the TV of someone in a nearby apartment to shake (being attached by wires). The man falls off again, and then crashes through a window or roof onto a bed where a woman is sleeping. The woman's dog attacks him, and the man flees through the apartment, getting outside and shutting the door just in time. He is back in the stairwell, and when he looks up, he sees the rubbish bins (now an enormous quantity), still rolling, just a few flights above him...
(I think that at the end of this scene, the man is showered by rubbish just as he leaves the building, but I'm not sure)

There are also two more scenes, which may or may not have come from the same film:

A businessman (a villain of some sort, I believe) is sitting at a desk, reciting a list of spices to someone over the phone. Another man misinterprets the businessman and puts all those ingredients into the businessman's coffee.

Close to the end of the film, a villain either falls down the middle of a stairwell into an open fridge, or a fridge falls down the middle of the stairwell onto a villain.

Two and a half years without a single reply. This post was actually the reason I joined the site in the first place. Does anyone know about this film?

I do not recognize your movie, but I believe the inspiration for the trashcan cascade that you have described was What's Up Doc? (1972) -- go to 3:50 at

Mr. Accident (2000), starring Yahoo Serious (who also wrote, produced, and directed it).
Yes, that's it! Thank you!