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Hi, this is my first post on this forum and i was just looking at the top anime movies. What i was wondering was if anyon can suggest some good anime that i should rent because i really enjo it but i find it is hard to find good stuff. A couple of my fav's would have to be Akira (obviously) Ghost In The Shell, Ninja Scroll and Macros Plus. I ould like to find some more movies that would fit in with these.
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Welcome to the forums!!!! The guy that made Ghost in the Shell.....Mamoru Oshii I believe..........made a pretty good movie called Avalon. You might want to check that out sometime. Its not really anime, but still a good movie. Blood - The Last Vampire was pretty good, short, but pretty good. Vampire Hunter D stuff is usually good. Anyway, here is a link to purchase the Avalon DVD. It is polish, but the DVD has Eng. subs.

Link : (link to their video section), if that link doesn't work, just try the main site and click (lol of course) anime Dvds :

for movies princess mononoke, and sprited away (by the same dude) are great, but if you want great TV shows, check out Cartoon Network starting at about 12 at night, its fricken great.
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I love Robotech (same thing as Macross more or less). The series is out on DVD and I'm working on getting the whole set.
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Definetly Ninja Scroll and Mononoke, i havnt seen Spirited Away but i heard it was good. Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust is really good, but my favorite would have to be Record of Lodoss War, and anything else Lodoss. Its basically like Lord of the Rings, with a little Princess Mononoke and that classic Anime Feel. And on top of that the animation and plot is fabulous.

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There are also two other threads on anime you might be intetested in checking out.

Zeiken...I'm glad you mentioned Record of Lodoss War. I keep meaning to rent it, but wasn't sure if it was any good. Thanks for the tip.