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Watching an old classic, The Forbidden Planet from 1956. It's a take on Shakespeare's The Tempest, a surprisingly smart plot line for a ray-gun sci-fi movie of its time. In their day, the model-based FX were astonishing as was Robbie the Robot, who was an essential character as well as comic relief.

I saw it at a drive-in as a kid, taken there by my parents. The climax, with the Id-Monster (a monster materialized out of human hostility by fusion reactor instrumentality in the planet) scared the crap out of me, didn't sleep right for a week. It's still pretty darn good and it has Leslie Nielson as a starship commander. The Id Monster is some kind of hand drawn animation, but still nightmare worthy.

The movie was unique in its time for a completely electronic musical soundtrack. Sound FX were blended into the music, so that the audience realizes that the monster is approaching due to the music.

So far Iím enjoying this, but it also appears to be a prime example of people deciding on four gay characters to open the film and then engaging two of them in dialogue such as:
ďOf course, itís a gay B&B.Ē

Of course, itís very derivative of What Keeps You Alive, which I thought was very good, so that doesnít help.

I was too lazy to put on the Blu-ray of Candyman - so ended up watching Final Destination 3 on streaming. So tonight I will try again with Candyman

My house has too much sunlight for me to watch The Retreat (Iíve tried staring at the black screen making noises for 20 minutes, and itís not fun), so this for now:

Actually quite enjoyed that. Love this type of stuff.

I'm probably gonna watch Prey...I'll tell you a secret......
It ain't my first time

Not my cup of tea, but generally respect Verhoeven, so letís see.

Edit: yeah, this wasÖ I guess the most succinct summary would be to say I didnít understand the point of this. But okay. Ticked off the list.

Not my cup of tea, but generally respect Verhoeven, so letís see.
I bailed out quite quickly.
Iím here only on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays. Thatís why Iím here now.

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