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forgot the movie name ;(


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well, i guess i'm really bad with my memory.

anyway, there was this movie. i remember just about nothing of it, except few scenes:

1. it's a couple, i think, they move to some isolated castle, which however seems to be a hotel of some kind, and after a bit they are shown making love to each other, however, suddenly the guy or the girl notices there's a hidden camera in the wall filming them... so they go and smash it and try to find where it comes from and so on.. *blackout*

2. in the end after some plot twist it appears that it's some kind of amateur movie being filmed by the girls husband i think, or something like that

(however, there's a tiny chance that i'm mixing up, and actually scene 2 is from other movie than scene 1, but i think they both are from same one)

so what's that movie?

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8MM 2.

Clos the thread.