Best Fight Scene(s)...HiYah!!


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I was watching Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and I thought, this movie has the best fight scenes! Then I started thinking of other cool fight sequences...

Neo and Morpheous: The Matrix

All the Angels against "Creepy Thin Man": Charlie's Angels (great fight scene song too...Prodigy's Smack My Bitch Up)

The Fight sequences in Gladiator....

...can you think of some others?

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I loved when the T-1000 runs after the car with his metal hook arms...sooooo scary!

*The fighting in the Princess Bride.

*The final sword fight in The Adventures of Robin Hood, the one with Errol Flynn.

*The sword fighting in Romeo & Juliet, between Romeo and Tybalt (Micheal York as Tybalt)

*True Romance has some good ones

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The final fight scene in M:1-2
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Final fight in Rob Roy
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I don't care much about Crouching Tiger's fight scenes, except for the scene in the trees. That's definitely one of my favorites. More recently, Ghost World has my vote. Steve Buscemi vs. a shelf of oil, then Steve Buscemi vs. Doug. Brilliant.
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Crouching tiger has it for me too. Superb stuff, esp that fight between the two ladies in the training area, I mean holy smoke!!!!
I also enjoyed the Chariot sequence in Gladiator but then who didnt?
Then theres Raging Bull (of course) and the sequence at the end of Predator.
For war movies I have to go with Gettysburg and Saving Private Ryan's brutality...

Theres just so many to choose from arent there?
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for action films I always seem to look at the foreign flicks first...

Check Jet Li out in Once Upon a Time in China - the film's slow moving initially but picks up with some excellent action later on.. Tsui Hark's One Armed Swordsman also had some excellent gritty fight sequences. As for Iron Monkey, well that just kicks arse innit .
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Originally posted by TWTCommish
I'll cast a vote for Ed Norton .vs. Himself in Fight Club.
Best fight scene ever, I mean to even consider fighting yourself is hilarious...

Well there were alotta greta ones in T2. The Matrix Subway Fight with Agent Smith , and Blade 2 had some real good ones.
Death to Smoochy is my most anticipated movie of 2002.

Another vote for Edward Norton vs. Himself. Very impressive.

The subway scene definitely. I have a feeling that the Matrix sequels will own this thread.
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The last fight scene in The Art of War.
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Jet Li vs The SWAT team - The One
Neo vs Morpheos - The Matrix
Green Suit and Chang Sung vs Pai Ching Chun - Last Hurrah for Chilvary
Michelle Yeoh vs Zhang Ziyi with weapons - CTHD
Jackie Chan vs like twenty Chinese guys - Legend of the Drunken Master (2)
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King Arthur vs The Black Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. That's one of my personal favorites.
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Originally posted by TWTCommish
The T-1000 and Ah-nuld dukin' it out amidst metal and molten lava. Coolness. Gandalf and the Balrog. Jet Li against himself in The One.
I liked sir Ah-nuld in Conan the Barbarian during the pit fighting sequences. Man, those were the days. I'm talking squirting blood! They don't squirt in movies anymore.

For me, I don't care how good the fight itself is as much as the emotions behind that. The youngins of today have such interesting special effects fights that they've lost the more important issue of who is fighting and why.

If you go back and look at-- egads, dare I admit this guilty pleasure-- oh sure, what the hell, I was a kid when I fell for it-- if you go back and look at LOGAN'S RUN- there's an interesting fight at the end of the picture between two friends who can no longer be friends.

When Logan throws an old law book at his friend, it has an emotional shock value that doesn't compare to anything in GLADIATOR. Watching the good guy fight the bad guy is expected, but watching a great guy fight a good guy, far more dramatic.

Better yet is the AMOK TIME fight in STAR TREK: TOS. Watching a psychotic Spock fight his best friend to for the woman he loves bests anything, anywhere in the MATRIX.

If you don't believe me, imagine if the end of the MATRIX wasn't a fight between Neo and The Agent, but Neo and his trainer.

Get it now? It's an entire different ballgame, right?

Those are my two cents..

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Originally posted by WhiteRabbit
King Arthur vs The Black Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. That's one of my personal favorites.
That IS great, because it's both comic and grisley in it's own way. Cleese makes a convincingly intimidating goon.

I know this sounds crazy, but:

There's a three stooges short where Moe, Larry, and Curly arrive on a landing at a ritzy party. Curly instantly says something stupid, and Moe proceeds to let him have it for almost two full minutes. The scene is so violent it's typically edited out on TV.

If you've seen it, it ends with Curly stooped over and Moe does this maneanver with his two hands-- across Curly's head- that sends Curly to floor in a belly dive. While Curly's falling, having utterly decimated Curly, he wipes his hands of the affair and walks off.

It's all in the timing, and it's hilarious..