Movie about New York (maybe) during Vietnam era (maybe)?


Will someone help me identify this movie?

I am pretty sure that the movie took place in New York during the Vietnam era. I am also pretty sure that I saw it in the late 1990s.

The only scene that I remember is that the main character and his friends are registering for the military, perhaps the army. While registering a recruiter or drill instructor asks the main character his name and the main character says something weird enough that the recruiter walks away and then comes back and questions the young man about his name again. I think he tells the recruiter his nickname and this confuses the recruiter.

After this exchange the recruiter kicks the main character out and the main character is not allowed to register because the military thinks he is learning disabled or stupid. I think there is narration that says the guy is embarrassed to tell his parents that he is not smart enough to join the army.

I thought it was "A Bronx Tale" but maybe I saw both films during the same time.

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Forrest Gump?
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"Yeah, either that or its counterpart"

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It's not Forest Gump. He was allowed to join the military.

It is most definitely not A Bronx Tale. I was trying to remember if there is such a scene around induction in Alan Parker's Birdy, but if there is, I can't picture it. However that does involve a character who goes by a nickname, the titular Birdy played by Matthew Modine, and both he and his best friend Al (Nic Cage) do serve in Vietnam after growing up in an urban setting (Philadelphia, not NYC).

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