Hunted man - monster movie


Hi, I have desperately been looking for a movie i saw some time ago.
It was a movie about a man that was hunted by monsters in his own house. They would come from outside the house and try to get inside during the nights which is why he would block the doors, put powder on the floor to see if they had come in during the night and so on.

He decided to go home to his friend, another guy living together with his girlfriend. At first they thought he was crazy. When he moved there the monsters started showing up to this other house instead. I dont remember the ending but i know they finally got inside the house.

I would love it if anyone that know the name of this movie could help me figure it out, so i can watch it again. I really liked it, it was creepy!

My name's Bobby Peru, like the country.
is it House (1986)?
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Their assumption was that Jerry was already dead when I arrived, and I just nodded my head. What else could I tell them? "He had to do it, Officer, or else he would’ve turned into a worm-monster and been very unhappy."

No, it was a more modern movie, probably in the year of 2000 and up.
It was such a creepy movie you could see at one point in the movie when the guy looked outside of his house how some monsters were hiding and looking towards him waiting for night to come. Or something like that!
But thanks for your reply.

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The Possession of David O'Reilly (2010)

This reminds me of a movie where these adults go camping and end up hitting a creature with their vehicle. They think its a dead bigfoot and bring it back to their house and its not dead and is actually a wolflike creature. Other creatures show up surrounding house and end up getting inside the house. I cannot remember the film, but was a found footage style movie.