Favorite Stand-Up Comedians?


Whatever happened to Demetri Martin?

His humor was kind of similar to Steven Wright (another all-time favorite) but often accompanied by acoustic guitar.

I liked him. You're right, he is like Steven Wright and I love that stream of consciousness type of humor, going immediately from one subject to the next. I looked up Demetri Martin on IMDB after watching the clip you posted and I can't believe he's the same guy who played the lead in the film Taking Woodstock (2009). He was really good in that. He's been in several other movies but I haven't seen many of them and the ones I have, I don't remember him in them. But there's one I have to see, and that's Weird: The Al Yankovic Story (2022) where Martin plays Tiny Tim. Gotta see that! I sense it will be perfection. Anyway, Captain, thanks for the heads-up about Demetri Martin---I'll definitely check him out in other stuff.
"Miss Jean Louise, Mr. Arthur Radley."

of all-time, living or dead

1. Mort Sahl
2. Bill Hicks
3. George Carlin
4. Louis CK
5. Bill Burr
6. Dick Gregory
7. Mitch Hedberg
8. Doug Stanhope
9. Dave Chappelle
10. Dov Davidoff

Bernard Manning for me is the GOAT by far