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Hillbilly Elegy

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This movie was a huge let down. Although it was a true story, it felt like a cookie cutter rise from poverty story. In its effort to show the struggle of low-income living, it overplayed the drama of the story into almost being a parody of the topics it was trying to cover.

Clearly this was a drive for awards, but Amy Adams does not deserve recognition for this. She played an unloveable character even though the story demanded that you at least pity her.

Glen Close, on the other hand, puts on a hell of a performance and itís worth it to at least watch her in this one. She plays a character with a lot of depth, showing love for her family with discipline and hard truths.

This movie did not give me much to care about, story wise, but there are a couple performances that make it at least worth watching.


If this dog gets an award, then I guess we're all doomed. Even if it is true, it's a close contender for the Color Out of Space Award.

I hated this movie. Didn’t believe in any of the characters.
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This was another movie that I definitely didn't get the film I was expecting. With the word "hillbilly" in the title, I expected a much more in depth look at this American subculture that really hasn't been explored beyond the Kettles and the Clampetts. The first few minutes seemed like that's what we were going to get, but 15 to 20 minutes into the movie, the hillbilly motif seemed to have been forgotten and we were given just another dysfunctional family story.

I hated this movie. Didnít believe in any of the characters.
lol this is funny because it's based on dude's actually family
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lol this is funny because it's based on dude's actually family
Doesnít mean I am going to believe in the way theyíre portrayed on screen.

Well the look of the Grandma is at least a dead ringer
My least favorite character: Glenn Close as grandma. I didnít buy this for a second.

Welcome to the human race...
What, you're telling me that the whole sequence where she collapses, ends up in hospital, then ripping out her IV and racing over to the deadbeat stepdad's house to collect the protagonist upon intuiting that he's engaging in juvenile delinquency is somehow ridiculous?
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.