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The Band Wagon (1953)

The rep is for your review of this film, finally someone who appreciates the brilliance of this film the way I do...most people consider Singin in the Rain to be MGM's masterpiece, but I think it's The Band Wagon.

Ozu is one of those guys I could never connect with, and thus make me feel like I'm missing out considering the praise.
Which of his films have you seen so far?
Cobpyth's Movie Log ~ 2019

Great review, Cob . I'd say Tokyo Story is one of my favourite films and yet i still haven't seen anything else from Ozu . Planning on getting into him properly soon.

Tokyo Story, Late Spring, and Early Summer.
You should definitely watch one of his color films then. Those are the truly irresistable ones, purely visually. I think the color-aspect may be the extra dimension some people need to truly get drawn into his films (even the people who usually have no problems with black & white films, like you). His use of color is simply phenomenal. It's truly of the highest level in cinematic history.

I highly recommend his swan song, An Autumn Afternoon, which is my personal favorite film of his. If you don't connect with that one, I guess Ozu might not be for you.

Will give it a shot. There's a chance I just have to warm up to him. I remember my last Ozu viewing, Late Spring, was my best Ozu viewing. We'll see.

Maybe you could also watch some of his other color films first, because An Autumn Afternoon and Late Spring are pretty similar story-wise. Perhaps something like Good Morning or Floating Weeds is what you're looking for. Both are a little different from what you've seen from him so far.