I just want to hug (your FACE)!
I went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium many years ago. I loved it, but it was kind of weird because it felt like the animals were all wrong. After watching Star Trek IV so many times, I kind of expected to see whales there, even though I knew that the movie wasn't real.

Oh I know the movie was real. I once held a VHS copy of it.

Just looking through the Cannes 2020 nominees... I'm glad they are having the festival ... I look forward to François Ozon's "Été 85". I have seen a few of his films and what I have seen I have enjoyed.. I know there are going to be many at Cannes I will want to see.

I loveee Thomas Vinterberg's work... so I'm extremely excited over "Druk". He's one director I can count on using Mads in his films.

My boyfriend and I were on our balcony enjoying the night with a glass of wine and some music and a neighbour from tye building next to ours that we've never met came crying her eyes out as hee cat got spooked by a dog and jumped from the second floor. Of course we offered to help. So now it's 01.40 and we're calling BATMAN! at all the bushes and woods out back.

But looking for a mostly black cat at night is fruitless. Especially one that doesn't know us. He won't come if we call. I know mine only come running if I call. They don't even come running to my boyfriend like they do for me. Because I'm mommy.

Update: I had told her to join our Facebook groups, and hilarity ensued.

First she posted a message that she had lost her cat, Batman, then the next day she posted that she found him and it was a happy reunion.

Then a few hours later, she posted that she found him hiding under the bathtub, and...this is not her cat. Then someone told her a little old lady down the road had a missing black and white cat...

See I'm late as usual MG do you save your avatars?
Well since i have gone through three pcs or four since I joined here... no.. I have the black and white anime picture of the girl in the coat on this pc but nothing else that I know of.