Greatest mini series ever?


What do you thin is the greatest television mini series ever made ? Lots of people would say roots but I couldn't really get into it. Me I would say either lonesome dove or band of brothers, although I really liked generation kill too.

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Lonesome Dove seems to come up a bunch in these discussions, but I don't really watch many westerns. HBO is using the term "anthology", but season 1 of True Detective is my leader in the clubhouse. Knowing that you won't see Woody Harrelson and McConaughey together again, makes it that much sweeter.

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I found a miniseries list on IMDB, and I was searching through it just to refresh my memory.

Some of the ones that I really liked are:

North & South (the first one, not the second or third)
From the Earth to the Moon
Ken Burns' Baseball

I have "Taken" and "The Hatfields & the McCoys" on DVD, but I haven't watched them yet.

Yeh from the earth to the moon was a good one

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I'm going to second whoever said S1 of True Detective! It was brilliant in every way.
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It is already a well established consensus among anime fans that it is a masterpiece though it is not the number 1 miniseries of most (I think it became my favorite because it was the first masterpiece in TV anime I had watched for nearly a decade (I had watched Lain and EVA in the 2002-2004 period)).

I would refer to my top TV series thread which includes over a dozen miniseries which I regard as great. Most great miniseries are anime series perhaps because they are the most numerous: around 150 new ones are made per year. However, there are gems hidden everywhere, in Brazil we have several very good miniseries made such as Mad Maria. Brazilian TV is relatively more developed than Brazilian cinema though since we actually export many of these series to other countries while our films depend on government subsidies to survive.

So far this year I have already discovered several potential masterpieces (I will add those into my great TV series thread if they continue to feel as great and memorable as they are right now):

Detroit Metal City

Ima, Soko ni Iru Boku

Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199

I guess 90% of anime series are miniseries since 90% of these series last less than 12 hours.

If you like it that probably means is must be not as boring as one would expect. I was at first thinking it must be a super boring arthouse movie to show up on the Sign and Sound top 250.

another western mini series that liked which didnt actually do all that well was son of the morning star with gary cole as custer.

I just finished watching the dune series from sci-fi channel.
3 part dune and then 3 part children of dune.

Made it a little extra fun now that james mcavoy is famous