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Solar panels


Tell me about where solar panels are used. In what industries. I've only seen them personally when I've driven by fields. And various factories have used them to save energy. But I've read on the internet that they're used in a lot of places. What do you know about that?

And how do you feel about these panels in general? Do you really think it's a savings? Or a stupid waste of time and money?

I live in Maine. And it's not a bad state for solar power. There's always enough sunshine to cover your basic energy needs. Or at least reduce your monthly energy bill. That's why we have almost everyone here with solar panels. Maine gets abundant sunshine all year long. And the state's climate is cooler. Which is also favorable for solar installations. Even though the solar panels will be covered in snow in the winter. They will generate excessive amounts of energy in the spring. As well as in the fall and summer. Helping to make up for any loss of electricity.

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This renewables energy may be enough for the home, But for the factories and big production house I don't think so solar panel helps too.

Yeah, it's beneficially to produce energy in area like a desert, because the land of like not useful for any other work.

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They really are a good deal for homeowners but you have to make sure you're dealing with a legit outfit and read all the fine print.

The kid that works for me has them on his house and even with having 3 adults and a little kid in the house their electrical bill is about $30 a month. That's a hell of a savings, considering I pay closer to $100 a month for a one-person apartment. If I didn't rent I would put panels on my home and my business.
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