This could be Nicolas Cage's best movie since Mandy:

Last Great Movie Seen
Crossfire (Dmytryk, 1947)

The trick is not minding
Iím still waiting to see Prisoners of the Ghostland, directed by Sion Sono, to get a theatrical release.

I skipped over most of his films from the last decade, especially his direct to video films, because he isnít that great to begin with.

Decent, but not great.

Yet Iíll probably still watch this and Prisoners.

That elusive hide-and-seek cow is at it again
love the framing and lighting. nice shots throughout that trailer. gonna need some serious dedication to character to sell the seriousness whenever someone says, "pig" but looks like it might work. i nearly giggled twice, but totally intrigued by the dark view of an imbalanced chef.
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I thought it was john wick with a pig but read up on it. I love Nick cage i miss him, last movie i saw him in was willy's wonderland poor guy dont know how the hell i watched that.

Really respect what Cage has been doing, participating in riscky no money projects. I never liked him as an actor to be honest, Mandy became one of my favorite movies of all time. Pig has been having good criticism, is one of the only films I'm waiting to go and watch.

The premise sounds ridiculous, but I can dig it!..
I've tended to like Cage since Raising Arizona, although he seems to have made equal parts stinkers and decent ones. Hopefully this will be one of the latter.