After watching Phoebe Waller-Bridge win two Emmys for acting and writing for this comedy, I had to check out the pilot, which I found to be a mixed bag. This look at a single young woman searching for the meaning of life in contemporary London works extremely hard at being quirky and offbeat, almost too hard, almost to the point of exhaustion. The lead character does speak to the audience directly, but it was initially distracting in the pilot because Waller-Bridge seemed unsure about it. The character speaks directly to the camera almost entirely through the opening scene (which includes a sex scene) and then only does it a couple of other times during the rest of the episode. I won't lie, I was doubled over with laughter when she started masturbating to images of Barack Obama, but what I get here is a show that is trying way too hard to be different, but I just watched the pilot and I am interested to see if Waller-Bridge finds her footing with this.

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It's great. Both Seasons. I'm not sure whether the comedy will be too in your face / self depricating for an American audience though. Although her awards would suggest not.
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It's a fantastic series. 12 episodes of precise, exquisitely observered and crafted comedy of a very British type but about universal themes which allow for it to work almost anywhere. Definitely not for everyone (and the awards it has won will baffle at least as many people who try it as like it) but for those who like it, I suspect it'll become a firm favourite for many years to come. I honestly believe it'll go on to become a much loved classic.
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Barely made it through the pilot. Didnít find it funny at all.
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