The Unicorn


Easily the strongest of the new fall sitcoms that I've seen so far, this surprisingly entertaining 22 minutes stars Walton Goggins, best know for his role on The Shield, playing the widowed father of two daughters who has been living in a social vacuum since the death of his wife a year ago and has friends and family are now pushing him to get back out in the world and start dating again. This show works thanks to some clever writing, a decent supporting cast and the inspired casting of Goggins in the starring role, an actor who has been known for dramatic roles, proves to have a certain skill with light comedy, not to mention enormous hunk appeal that will definitely work for the small screen. One of the through lines of the pilot is that this character is a babe magnet but has no clue, which makes him all the more of a babe magnet. Loved Goggins here because unlike a lot of dramatic actors who who attempt comedy, Goggins isn't working at it...the charm of this character is light and warm and completely believable. I will definitely be watching this one.

"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

Omar Benson from Ballers.
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Just finished ep 2, not quite up to the quality of ep 1, due primarily to a little too much screentime devoted to Michelle's overweight son, Noah. It's still completely watchable primarily because of Walton Goggins and his character...the guy is a hottie and the character is a sweetheart but more importantly, the character is a really terrific father. He's a great father because he's the first to admit that he doesn't always have all the answers but he's always in there pitching and caring. Enjoying this show.

Just watched ep 3...these well-intentioned friends need to back up for a minute. Loving Rob Corddry on this show...even with the restraints of network television, this guy is still so funny. I really like this show.