To Those I Lose Track of....


I just want to hug (your FACE)!
I noticed the birthday frame this morning (something I rarely catch) and there does not appear to be any birthdays to call out. In that case, let me take a moment to wish to you those I've overlooked, missed, or procrastinated with my good wishes a very happy and clearly belated birthday! I hope that my lack of attention on your proper day be mended, even if slightly, by posting this today in your honor. All of you.

I'm happy to be part of this community and, in spite of a lot of my easily distracted short-comings, I genuinely respect each of you kats. Even those I argue with. My apologies for missing the threads here in this sub-forum, but I do wish you all a wonderful year. I hope that goes without saying, cuz I'm sure I'll forget again.

"My Dionne Warwick understanding of your dream indicates that you are ambivalent on how you want life to eventually screw you."
- Joel

"Ever try to forcibly pin down a house cat? It's not easy."
- Captain Steel

"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."