Becoming a real party member


After all these years, here is something I have never thought about. Where does the political party national committee come from? Here in the USA you can register to vote and you can specify a party that you "belong" to. So I register as a D or R and I am now a member of that party. But not really. I can vote in a primary, and that's it. The next step is to give my contact info to the party to receive emails. At the very top there is the chairman of the national committee and the committee members. I do not see how you go from just registered to being a national committee member. There must be a chain. I think each party has many local offices around the country and the elected critters have local offices. You can donate money and time but that still does not make you a "real" party member. As I see it. I looked on their web site but I see nothing about what is the next step up. What is the next step up to becoming a real party member? Anyone here know?

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Insofar as that's a thing (I'm not sure that dichotomy exists or as is important as it's been in other places, for example, where party affiliation can be very formal), I think it's just being a local delegate, which usually involves technically getting elected to something local.