Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends


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I have a conflict. I could've sworn that this show was excellent. It had a dear place in my childhood heart, but after revisiting it, I must say it's the most bafflingly bad thing I've ever come across. It isn't necessarily god awful, but I'm amazed at how often it shoots itself in the foot. It's always so close to being that show of genuine brilliance but overall, it seems that it's just noise. I've been trying to find and episode that isn't frustrating or disappointing but several episodes in, I am unsuccessful in my "travels." I don't really think there's too many people here my age so this might be foreign talk to most but has anyone else here seen it? In passing at least? It stars a kid with brown hair and his imaginary friend that's just some blue blob? Can someone enlighten me as to why this was so "good?"

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