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Favorite Viewing of The Month?


I forgot the opening line.
I got some greats in, like Alien and Aliens on the big screen, and finally seeing The Big Sleep. Sense and Sensibility was absolutely amazing, and I got a second viewing of The Banshees of Inisherin in - great movie. Also - Long Weekend freakin' rocks. Not as many truly spectacular movies this month though.

There were a plethora of really good movies though - honorable mentions to Lords of Dogtown, August: Osage County, The Missouri Breaks, Rumble Fish, Departures, Prizzi's Honor, Missing, Saturday Night Fever, Ken Loach's Sweet Sixteen, classic 1969 documentary Salesman, Caligula - The Ultimate Cut, Howl's Moving Castle, Dial M For Murder, The Family Man, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Last Train Home, Detour, Infernal Affairs, Criss Cross and The Asphalt Jungle. There is absolutely no way you could sneer at that bunch of movies. A fantastic line-up.
Remember - everything has an ending except hope, and sausages - they have two.

Latest Review : Shallow Grave (1994)

I forgot the opening line.
The other one was Gloria, which is already in my top 10 for the year despite only having seen it a few days ago. The music was beautiful, I loved the city vibe, and I just loved Gena Rowland's Gloria character in general. I was quite surprised that it got a Best Actress nomination, but I am quite sad that Sissy Spacek took it home for playing Loretta Lynn. I knew that Gloria was the basis for Leon the Professional just by watching what was going on(gangsters murdering a little kid's family with the neighbor taking him/her in). I do not normally give 6-stars to movies, but this was one of the few movies to do so as I found the entire film to be a work of art, even the opening credits.

Take That Norma Shearer and The Divorcee!!! I'm Gloria the Professional!
Yes! Gloria is one of my all-time faves. Great film.

Past Lives - A sad and beautiful romance about a Korean man and woman who reconnect several years after one of them emigrated to North America. One of the best of the year.
I heartily agree with that. Past Lives is on that "Best of" list for 2023.

I got some greats in, like Alien and Aliens on the big screen, and finally seeing The Big Sleep. Sense and Sensibility was absolutely amazing, and I got a second viewing of The Banshees of Inisherin in - great movie. Also - Long Weekend freakin' rocks. Not as many truly spectacular movies this month though.
Those are some really good ones!
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Yet another slow month for me with only eight films.

The Sacrifice Game - Considering how predictable the film is, it's a surprisingly entertaining little horror. Sure, the twist can be seen a mile away, but the thing still works. The young lead actress is excellent in her role. 3/5

There were also three 2.5/5 films. The Sadness is like a modern Romero tribute with some tone issues. The gore is fine, even though I didn't find the movie as gruesome as its reputation. The Communion Girl is a Spanish tribute to J-horror, especially Ringu. Its eagerness to copy its idols exceeds the quality of its writing, but it's still OK. Lady Ballers is a mirror image of woke, in both good and bad. It's clumsily written, overtly political, disgustingly formulaic, but at least it tries to laugh at the right things (I admit, there's at least half a point extra for the subject).

The least favorite viewings of the month were Thanksgiving (Eli Roth proves, once again, that he's physically unable to make a good movie) and Rebel Moon - Part One (Netflix has lobotomized Zack Snyder and here's the result). I generously gave both 1/5.

I watched 70 feature films and 11 short films this month.

My favourite first time watches:

(feature films)
Heaven Down Here (2023)
May December (2023)
The Holdovers (2023)
When the Cat Comes (1963)
I Wouldn’t Be in Your Shoes(1948)

Once Upon a Studio
Camp Courage
The After

Favourite rewatches:

Scrooge (1951)
Miracle on 34th Street (1947)
It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

28 films for me this month. The highest I rated were:

City Girl
The Last Picture Show
May December
Seventh Seal (rewatch)
Full Metal Jacket (rewatch)
Amores Perros (rewatch)

I forgot the opening line.
Okay, December was probably my best viewing month - there are many greats to mention here. Possession, Funeral Parade of Roses, Mad God, King and the Clown, The Housemaid, Nitram, Triangle of Sadness, Lincoln, Come Back to the 5 & Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean, Touch of Evil, Out of the Past, Saltburn, The Maltese Falcon, Gilda and Room at the Top. That's a record for so many insanely good movies in one month.

Crazy stuff. Honorable mentions are : Gun Crazy, Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte, The Old Oak, Tunes of Glory, Thieves' Highway, Popeye, Philomena, Murder, My Sweet, Romulus, My Father, The Boy and the Heron, The Beach Boys : Endless Harmony, TÁR, Talk to Me, Speak No Evil, Joint Security Area, Kind Hearts and Coronets, Pearl and Targets. Has to be one of my best ever viewing months.

December '23:

I played catch-up on 2023 releases all month. These are the best ones I saw:

Asteroid City
Polite Society
They Cloned Tyrone

Here is everything I think I've watched:

The Way of the Dragon dir. Bruce Lee
Fist of Fury dir. Lo Wei
The Legend of Drunken Master dir. Jackie Chan, Lau Ka Leung (I watched both versions of Drunken Master 2)
Jackie Chan's Police Force dir. Jackie Chan (I watched both versions of Police Story)

To watch (I have the downloads and stuffs)

-Wing Chun (1994)
-Royal Warriors (1986) dir. Corey Yuen
-Police Story 4: First Strike (I watched both versions of First Strike)

I forgot the opening line.
I saw way too many great films in January! Here we go, there's Nobody Knows, Taste of Cherry, Pale Flower, Never Rarely Sometimes Always, What Happened Was..., Kiss Me Deadly, In a Lonely Place, Cold War and The Match Factory Girl - those were only the absolute best of the best.

The other honorable mentions - all films very much worth praising - were The Rescue (2021), A River Called Titas, El sur, Lolita (1997), Pickup on South Street, The Criminal Life of Archibaldo de la Cruz, The Young and the Damned, Ace in the Hole, Dry Summer, Touki Bouki, Scarecrow (1973), Dream Scenario, Mustang (2015), Queen & Slim, The Ear (1970), Carriage to Vienna, Society of the Snow, Drifting Clouds, The Innocents (2021), Across 110th Street, Poor Things, Calamari Union, The Round-Up, The Breaking Point, Match (2014) and Barbara (2012) - a hectic month, with so much praise to dole out.

This is an easy one:

Poor Things. Not only the best of last month but one of my favorites of the last few years. Can't wait to see it again.

The Holdovers was a nice film and When Evil Lurks was a very good, gooey, horror film with a couple pretty WHOA! scenes. I would highly recommend that one to horror lovers.

Best first time watches of January:

Life Itself (2014)
Umberto D. (1952)
20 Days in Mariupol (2023)
Girls at 12 (1975)
The Anne Frank Gift Shop (2023)
Ninety-Five Senses (2022)
Lamb (2015)
Girl Flu. (2016)
The Music of Regret (2006)
Bottoms (2023)

Honourable mentions: The Zone of Interest (2023), The Sound of Fury (1950), Forbidden Games (1952), Rhubarb, (1951), PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie (2023)