Ned Stark Music Tournament


The tournament will be done quite different from all of the songs done like 10 battles per match up. Each 3 Days There will be 3 Songs Going Head to head. First round will have 20 battles and Round 2 Will Go down by half. There should be about 5 Rounds to decide a winner.

I gladly will take suggestions but and each person can nominate 7 Songs Each. But if dont get enough suggestions. I'll just pick a song to use. Please Suggest well known songs or singers or groups.

You Have 8 days to get your suggestions in. And Let me know who will be Voting.

Suggestions in or not I need about 70 songs since will have 3 songs per battle. Tournament will start a Week and 1 Day from now.

"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

1 Heart------Stairway To Heaven

2 Bebe Rexha---Florida Georgia Line----Meant To Be

3 Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffet---Its 5 OClock Somewhere.

4 Runaways-----Cherry Bomb

5 Guns and Roses------Sweet Child O' Mine

6 Corrs-------Breathless

7 ZZ Top-------LaGrange

In this one I dont care if your songs are lined or like above. When I post the battles there gonna be simple to click and listen to or view like the above selections. I know Zepplin did Stair Way to Heaven but I liked this adaptation as well.

Im leaving the deadline open for more people to maybe donate songs 3 more days. Before ending the deadline time. So far there are 5 People doing the tournament. That in the 5 includes myself which likely is for tie breakers so i hope get one more player.

I am Allowing all the people who will be voting 5 More songs they can donate to the Tournament. There are 36 Songs currently and I need 76 songs total or its what number had in mind. And I dont want to pick them myself. So will leave the song selection deadline open Till Monday.

Here are my 5 Extra Songs

Working Mans Phd-------Aaron Tippin

Dude' Looks Like A Lady-----Aerosmith

Hungry Eyes-----Eric Carmen

Nothing Can Stop Us Now-----Starship

Crazy On You-----Heart

I dont mind using beethoven but would rather use vocal songs so if maybe do that with your bonus if please.
Sorry, are you saying I can use the Beethoven in the bonus or that you want me to change everything non-vocal to vocal?

I'll replace my two that were non-vocal from the first 7 for now:

The Beatles - In My Life (replacing the Beethoven)
The Beatles - Let it Be (replacing Finlandia)