My Favorite Nicole Kidman Performances



Gretchen Carlson, Bombshell

A breathtaking Nicole made the most of her underwritten role in this glossy docudrama chronicling the years of sexual harassment that went on behind the scenes at FOX news. Nicole plays Gretchen Carlson, an on air correspondent who went public with their allegations and was instantly fired.


Princess Grace, Grace of Monaco

Talk about a perfect melding of actress and character, Kidman lit up the screen in this quiet docudrama about the beginning of Grace's rein as Princess which was actually challenged when the obsessed Alfred Hitchcock actually flew to Monaco to persuade Grace to return to the silver screen in his new film Marnie.


Margot, Margot at the Wedding

Kidman was superb in this offbeat Noah Baumbach black comedy playing an uptight single divorced mom who travels to her sister's wedding, which reveals long hidden resentments between Margot and her sister (Jennifer Jason Leigh), instant resentment of her future brother-in-law (Jack Black) and a tense reunion with her ex (John Turturro). This is one of the more unlikable characters Kidman has played but she nails it.


Nicolla, Flirting

Kidman shines in one of her earliest performances as a bitchy prep school student whose outward hostile interior is covering a smoldering sexuality bursting into fruition.

Good movie.
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Grace Margaret Mulligan, Dogville

Kidman was powerfully understated in this imaginatively mounted drama playing a woman on the run from the mob and finding refuge in a small Colorado town, where her presence brings conflict throughout the town because of the danger her presence might be bringing to the community.


Anna Murphy, The Killing of a Sacred Deer

Another performance where Kidman brings more to the performance than the screenplay gives her. She plays the wife of a brilliant surgeon (Colin Ferrell) who finds herself helpless when her family is being destroyed by the son of a former patient of her husband's (Barry Keoghan).

I know I rarely watch films she's in, but I'm a little surprised by how busy she's been in the last 20 years.
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Dogville & Sacred Deer were 2 great vehicles for her.

Stirchley, you and I might be the only two people on the planet who have seen The Killing of a Sacred Deer

Stirchley, you and I might be the only two people on the planet who have seen The Killing of a Sacred Deer
Yeah, that adds up. 🙄
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Stirchley, you and I might be the only two people on the planet who have seen The Killing of a Sacred Deer
Huh. Iíve loved every movie from this Greek director. I thought more people here had seen it.


Alice Harford, Eyes Wide Shot

Kidman was robbed of an Oscar nomination for her provocative performance in the final film directed by the legendary Stanley Kubrick. Kidman is sex on legs as a wife and mother whose extra-marital affair sends her husband (Tom Cruise) on his own bizarre sexual odyssey.


Celeste Wright, Big Little Lies

Kidman won an Emmy and a Golden Globe for her work in this HBO limited series. KIdman was effective cast against type as a soft-spoken attorney who is the mother of twin boys who has spent her entire marriage trying to cover up the fact that her husband (Alekssander Sarsgaard) has been physically abusing her forever. Kidman hasn't had a lot of experience playing such a meek and submissive character, but she totally nailed it.

Two of my favourites right there. Eyes Wide Shut is possibly my favourite Kubrick (I change my mind all the time on this and the Shining). Big Little Lies, she was fantastic, first series especially. The scene at the marriage counsellor when she is in complete denial is one of the worst things Ive ever watched. In a good way!


Virginia Woolf, The Hours

Nicole Kidman won her only Oscar to date for her performance as the suicidal 19th century writer Virginia Woolf. It's a solid performance, but personally, I think the actress has done better work, evidenced by the ranking of this performance, but leaving it off this list would have been wrong.


Becca, Rabbit Hole

Kidman gave one of her most gut-wrenching performances in this often powerful melodrama about a woman whose child was killed by a hit and run driver. Her inconsolable grief has put a gulf between Becca and her husband (Aaron Eckhart) that grows wider when she develops a friendship with the young man who was driving the car that killed her child (Miles Teller). This performance earned Kidman her third Oscar nomination.

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Huh. Iíve loved every movie from this Greek director. I thought more people here had seen it.
Maybe we have seen it and we just don't talk about it because it's not that good (at the very least, that's how I feel about it).
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.

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I first remember seeing her in Batman Forever and she was stunning there.

My favourite performance from her is in Rabbit Hole.

Also wanna give a shout out to the great performance in Paddington.
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