MoFo Fantasy Baseball - 2017 Signups


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Hmmm, the cap thing is optional, I believe. Ditto for changing waivers. Wasn't planning anything like that because I figured this one change would be big enough, but I'm open to whatever.
Sounds good to just keep waivers the same to me. I think Yahoo leauges are pretty flexible to whatever you want these days


Please reply by letting me know your availability for both dates. IE: "I can do both the 19th and 26th" or "I can do the 19th but not the 26th."

Just a headsup, but an auctions style format will make our draft take over 5 hours, Im pretty sure thats a safe estimate, Tim can correct me if Im wrong.

Im ok with either (I was pushing for auction style the past 2 seasons, just cause it looks cool , Ive never done it before myself) DEFINITELY do a Mock Draft to work out all your "learning kinks". You do not want to learn on draft day.

A quick survey of the members of my other league makes it sound like it took ~4 hours each year (including a ~10 min matinee in the middle). You can make tweaks to the amount of time on the clock to make it go faster (and roster sizes, obviously), but it's undoubtedly a larger time commitment than a snake draft.

And I would agree with Tongo: if we do switch to it, it's worth doing a mock draft just to get a feel for how it goes

Quick update on the auction stuff:

For Auction
  • Banknotes
  • Yoda
  • seanc

Against Auction
  • raul
  • nostromo ("leaning")

  • mark f
  • Sedai
  • Fabulous
And we haven't heard either way from Adam, PW, or whoever the last owner ends up being.

We're obviously not going to do this without a very strong majority in favor, though, and we want to decide soon, so if any of you undecided guys ( @Sedai, @Fabulous, @mark f) have come to a decision, let us know.

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I am leaning towards staying with the standard format this time around. I have a hard enough time drafting as it is!
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No worries, just trying to get a decision one way or the other. Thanks.

I think it's fair to say we'd need unanimous support from everyone else to make the switch, which seems unlikely, but if some other people can weigh in so we can confirm, I'd appreciate it.

Either day works for me. I wouldn't mind trying the auction style draft but I have zero experience with it so I'm leaning towards a no vote. I just don't have enough time online to really get into it.

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Okay, mikeython1's back in, which gives us 12. Ten returning owners, with nostromo joining and PW making his return. Good stuff. Here's the whole list (I imagine nostromo will change the team name he inherited, but here's what it is for now):
  • Yoda (Freedonia Ducks)
  • seanc (Mudville Nine)
  • rauldc14 (Peanuts&Crackerjacks)
  • Banknotes Harper (High-Level Arbitrage)
  • Sedai (Clockwork Angels)
  • Fabulous (The Empire)
  • mark f (Dodgers)
  • TONGO (The Naturals)
  • Adamantium18 (Quickie Marte)
  • nostromo87 (The Loose Seals)
  • Powdered Water (Return of the Roids)
  • mikeython1 (Done and Dunn)
So far, no objections to either draft date. So unless something changes (speak up quickly if there's a problem!), we're looking at a standard snake draft on March 19th, 1:00 PM ET.

Either day works for me. I wouldn't mind trying the auction style draft but I have zero experience with it so I'm leaning towards a no vote. I just don't have enough time online to really get into it.

I'm sad that we didn't adopt the auction format, but I appreciate everyone weighing in. Regardless, it's almost fantasy (and real) baseball season, which is terribly exciting!

In response to Tongo's post on the message board, I would also be in favor of determining the draft order ahead of time and posting it on here to allow us better prep for the draft, provided the rest of the league agrees.

I agree. I want to know ahead of time. There is so much research involved with baseball compared to football I feel knowing would help a lot.
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I was just going to ask about that the other day, since we've done it a few years in a row, but it's been a crazy week so I forgot to actually post the post.

Sure, I'd be glad to. I'll do the same as before: assign numbers to each team and then use I can do that right now, even. Nobody's ever objected so I'll just assume this is fine, but on the off chance an argument surfaces we can always go back to random.