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Did you get one from that then @Yoda?
I didn't "earnestly" suggest nuking the middle east I just asked would the world be better off without it.

"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

Nope. We're good. Works as you'd hope: no superfluous mentions just because you happened to be in someone else's quote.
“Let your credo be this: Let the lie come into the world, let it even triumph. But not through me.”

You know, @Yoda, this could replace the Shoutbox.
I like shoutbox @Sexy Celebrity
Helps prevent my random unintentional (unless there's some trolling) hijackings.

Speaking of the Shoutbox, I assume tagging doesn't work there?
It does not. Or anywhere other than threads, I don't think. But that's something we could definitely consider adding.

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One thing i think people will have to learn to avoid is pointless quoting. Like quoting a comment right above you that was just posted as the mentions for that will get quickly annoying.

Sometimes, I'm sure that will be, though other times the user might not know to check back unless they do. Hopefully, people will use their judgment.

I will say that, if this gets to become annoying (and even if it doesn't), I'll make sure people can opt-out one way or another.

Well, is that really needless? You're responding to them, and you want them to see it.

I think the only time it would be needless is if you quote someone and then say something that's not address to them at all. Not sure how often that happens, though.

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You hadn't posted when i quoted him. What i meant is when someone posted and a minute later you quote them when they were the post right above you. I find that pointless.

No like this. Quoting someone when there was no need to.
We are derailing already, but you know how often I think I am directly replying to someone so I don't quote and then someone else has replied before me. It happens to me a ton. A lot more when I first became a member, but still a lot.

You hadn't posted when i quoted him. What i meant is when someone posted and a minute later you quote them when they were the post right above you. I find that pointless.
I don't follow. Unless you're saying someone who just posted is likely to still be "on" the thread and just sitting on the thread refreshing it. I dunno how common that is, though if it is common, it would only be common because we didn't have something like this, yeah?

Do you know what I seriously want? Even though I'm terrible at keeping my profile looking all decorated and pretty.

I want music in our profiles. I want someone to visit my profile and a song starts playing.

I actually do think this might be a bad idea. I miss the simplicity of the way things were before. @Yoda, you keep bringing out all of these new ideas, but are they really necessary?
We'll find out. I think the movie pages are pretty necessary. I think being notified when quoted is pretty necessary. Clubs and the tagging (IE: tagging without a quote), maybe not, but we'll find out as people use them.

A lot of things I threw together on a whim have ended up becoming very important, and a lot of things I was very excited about have gone relatively unused. You never really know, so the best thing I can do is put this stuff in front of you guys so we can discover what's useful and what isn't. And if something never gets used, we can always nix it.

You're reminding me of Oreo cookies. Every time you turn around, there's some bizarre new Oreo flavor. A week later, it's gone from stores forever, replaced by another strange new flavor. All people really want is the plain old chocolate cookie with the white filling inside.
An apt metaphor, in part because anyone who still loves the original Oreos can get them and ignore the new ones. I think/hope most of these new features are like that, in that people's core experience can stay pretty similar if they want it to.