The Top MoFos Countdown - 4ever



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It's that time again!

Those of you who have been here for awhile know the drill. This will work just like any other forum wide list - except you don't have to watch anything for it! (So don't give me any crap about needing more time than what I'm going to give you. It should only take you a few minutes to put together a ballot.)

So here's what you do:

In a private message, send me a list of your top 25 MoFos in ranked, numbered order (with no ties) no later than midnight Pacific Time the night of Thursday, February 9th. That's just over two weeks. You will not get an extension.

The unveiling of the countdown will occur sometime either Saturday, February 11th or Sunday the 12th (or possibly split between the two). I'll update this with a more accurate time once I know my personal schedule for the month of February.

And here are the rules:

Any person who has been a member for at least 30 days - and who is not a known alternate account - may vote. If you registered after January 10, 2017, you may not vote.

You may not vote for yourself but you may vote for any other members. This includes inactive members, banned members, and alternate accounts. I strongly discourage you from voting for alts, but I'm too lazy to police it and there are just too damn many of them.

If you do not wish to be included in the countdown, you may post in this thread asking that people refrain from voting for you. However, if people decide to vote for you anyway, those votes will be considered valid and will be counted.

If you wish to vote, but do not wish to have your name added to the list of voters, you may vote anonymously. Just put a note in your PM that your ballot is anonymous. I will not post your name in the voters list and will not share anyone's ballot. Who you vote for doesn't need to be known by anyone but you and me.

If you publicly unveil your personal list prior to the countdown, your votes will be disqualified. No exceptions. Once the countdown has begun, you may say whether or not you voted for someone as their name is revealed. However, please do not reveal your full ballot until the countdown is complete.

Your list must be ranked and in numerical order. MoFos will be awarded points as follows: 25 points for 1st place, 24 points for 2nd place, 23 for 3rd and so on, all the way down to one point for your 25th placed MoFo.

Once you have submitted your list to me, it is considered final. The only exceptions to this will be in cases of obvious errors, such as voting for the same person twice.

If you are having trouble coming up with 25 worthy names, you may submit a partial list of no fewer than 10 MoFos. Ballots shorter than 10 entries will not be accepted. Votes from partial ballots will be scored the same as full ballots, so your number one will receive 25 points, your number two will receive 24 points, and so on.

• I reserve the right to amend this list of rules as needed.

Please remember this is all in good fun.

If your name does not appear on the countdown or you are ranked lower than you had hoped, try not to get offended and don't make an issue of it.

"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."


1. The Rodent
2. Miss Vicky
3. TheUsualSuspect
4. CiCi
5. Captain Spaulding
6. Sexy Celebrity
7. Tongo
8. Citizen Rules
9. rauldc14
10. Fabulous
11. AdamUpBxtch
12. tatmmw2
13. matt72582
14. Roy C.
15. WorldFilmGeek
16. honeykid
17. ashdoc
18. cricket
19. Movie Max
20. Dadgumblah
21. ash_is_the_gal
22. JayDee
23. NedStark09
24. Austruck
25. Omnizoa
26. (Anonymous Voter #1)
27. Clazor
28. EdArsenal
29. Funny Face
30. Iroquois
31. Cosmic Runaway
32. Friendly Mushroom!
33. The Gunslinger45
34. Gbgoodies
35. Silent Vamp
36. MovieMeditation
37. Frightened Inmate No. 2
38. Nope1172
39. DerekVinyard
40. Dexter007
41. (Anonymous Voter #2)
42. Gatsby

Please don't vote for me! And not for emotional reasons or as a protest, but for very logical reasons: my position as admin would obviously skew the vote unfairly, and I get plenty of thanks and credit from you guys already, particularly from the fact that you choose to spend your time here at all.

So have fun, and vote for one of the many deserving members here, instead. Thank you!
Please direct all complaints to Steve.

The Bobby Fischer of movie criticism
Let the circle jerk commence!
Empty space for rent - contact Gatsby via PM.

This was so easy this year.
All the crap I've been through since Christmas plus what happened the other day, my list is all the people who have messaged and commented, and supported me over the past 6-8 weeks

Miss Vicky question:

Any person who has been a member for at least 30 days - and who is not a known alternate account - may vote.

Is that 30 days from the deadline? or from when you made this thread?
Are you an HoF Virgin? Then this is for you: Virgin HoF

Miss Vicky question:

Any person who has been a member for at least 30 days - and who is not a known alternate account - may vote.

Is that 30 days from the deadline? or from when you made this thread?
From the deadline. So if someone joined after January 10th, they are ineligible. However, if someone who joined shortly before that date submits a list before the deadline, I'll set those votes aside until the deadline and make sure that person is actually still active.

Can people not vote for me either this time, please? Thanks
Seriously? because I was just about to send in my list. Anybody else not want to be voted for?

It's grrrrrrreeeaaatt!!!!
I never want to be part of popularity contests either, thanks.
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