"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

I was just teasing Desi to see how she'd react... I'm fine not to take Carpenter
He just loves getting my panties in a wad. I won't say why, though.

I'm fine with Destiny taking it too, if she wants it. I just hope, one day, I'll get to curate a horror director.
Are you sure? Your other post sounds like you'd sooner get it. I was just teasing about the Halloween Hall of Fame deal, like I have many times. This is the first time you've sounded bothered by it.

I won't lie. I'd love to run it. Out of the three I've listed, it's the only one I want in a major way. If someone out there wishes they'd named John Hughes and/or Wes Craven, do speak up.

Swan should definitely take Craven
He's after a horror director, Craven is basically horror only.
OK. That may be a good idea. I misunderstood or misread him/his last post. I was thinking he meant classic horror, but I have no idea why I thought that. I so silly. Well, he can give me a for sure on John Carpenter, because I honestly did not see either of you mention him. I just went with what's already been made. I didn't read through the thread. So anyways, if he wants, Wes Craven can be all his.

I already got a post together for Verhoeven and a bunch of pics if I'm allowed the Club...

Sitting twiddling thumbs now

What does one have to do when you're the President of a club?
Curator. Yoda's President i think; he's power-crazy.

All you have to do so far is find and add threads relating to your Director to his Club.

'Cause I did think, when I saw this whole thing start up, that if there was one director I might wanna do, it could be Wes Craven.

Though, I haven't even seen all of his movies. But I really love some of them. Probably more than any casual Wes Craven fan who was kind enough to watch everything he directed.

Us curators all get this special power that allows us to add a thread to our club. I've yet to test its power by adding say a 'David Fincher' thread to the 'David Lynch Club' , i doubt this site would survive the night if i tried that.

Just flicking through David Lynch's Club... and spotted that Mulholland Drive has 2 entries.
Mulholland Drive
Mulholland Dr.

Just flicking through David Lynch's Club... and spotted that Mulholland Drive has 2 entries.
Mulholland Drive
Mulholland Dr.
Looking into it, thanks.

Bottle Rocket on Wes Anderson also has 2 entries.
That's because he actually made a short film by the same name before expanding it into a feature length film a couple of years later.
Please direct all complaints to Steve.

Ah, ok. Learn something new every day
I've not actually seen Bottle Rocket, I just spotted the name twice.

What about that dual Mulholland Dr. and Mulholland Drive entry?