Coming Attraction: Movie Forums T-Shirts


Just seen the pics that Yoda posted of the shirts, very cool! I like both designs, very stylish
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I want one NOOOOW
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Putting a few combinations together now. If anyone has any other requests as to which slogan they want on the back, if any, lemme know. I'll toss the "" on there by default, but if you'd rather it just be the slogan, just way the word.
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Couple examples of alternates for the back:

And just a real quick mockup of a slogan and the site name (I have some variants where the name has lines above and below it to separate it, too, though I think using white for one and tan for the other does a pretty good job):

It's grrrrrrreeeaaatt!!!!
Prefer the site name on top of any slogan but it's looking good!
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Simply angelic!

Easily done.

Tell ya' what: I'm gonna put together a quick page with basic options, ranging from a softer material with stuff on the back, to a more affordable option with nothing on the back, and people can just let me know if they want any specific combination of colors/slogans/site name stuff. Should only take a few minutes, and that way everyone can have it exactly the way they want.

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Same; Futura looks good in caps, and it's how the header is. But I'm down with whatever combinations people prefer!
But the header has a space between the words, making it easy to read.

If you do go with the caps/lowercase thing, don't cap the "c" in ".com."

Did you say you're keeping the option for a non-extra-soft shirt? Because frankly, I hate those. The short sleeves bunch up funny on me and the fit on *every* shirt I have that is that softer material is horrible because it shifts weird and doesn't hang right. Plus, they're flimsy.

Just a regular ol' Gildan cotton T-shirt in a generic size chart would be a good option.

Are you sick of us yet?

Yup, wasn't gonna capitalize the com.

And yeah, there's a really straightforward shirt without the softer material, and without anything on the back, for people who just want a simple shirt, that'll cost significantly less. I've got a few of the softer ones from Vistaprint and I've really liked them, though I don't know if you're referring to softer shirts in general, as opposed to this site in particular.

Oh, also, just to complicate things further, they do have Men's and Women's models, though the Men's are more like unisex. I'm creating the designs by those on default since they should be fine on anyone, but I can recreate any of them on women's on request, and might do a couple of the basic ones that way preemptively.

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I hate women's T-shirts. Always opt for the men's/unisex. (For one thing, sizing is more uniform. And quality tends to be better. Women get crappy, cheap material for everything, and they pay more.)

Feel free to put stuff on the back of a men's/unisex/regular shirt! I love the stuff on the back! (More complicated! More complicated!)

Okay, I think I labeled all these links correctly:

Click this link to buy a shirt!

With the promo code mentioned below, they start around $21 for the softer ones with text on the back, and about $14 for the simpler ones without anything on the back. And for what it's worth, there is zero markup on these. Just happy that people want them.

Important: please double check the design before ordering, in case I mislabeled a link! If you don't see the combination you want on there, just reply here with your choices for the following:

  1. Material: normal, or softer (normal is a few bucks cheaper)?
  2. Design: first, or second?
  3. Back: Anything on the back (nothing is a few bucks cheaper)?
    • Site Name Format: all caps, lower case, or capitalized words?
    • Slogans: Any? Above or below site name?
  4. Misc: Any other requests, IE: site name above/below slogan, different slogan from those listed, or women's cut instead of unisex?

While there's no markup now, I'll probably add a few bucks to help cover some of the costs, but that'll be after the holidays, and I'll probably have some kind of rebate program where people get the difference (probably just a few bucks) back if they post a picture of themselves wearing it, or something like that.

Also, Vistaprint's having a 25% off sale for the next few days, so have at it. Promo code's SALE25 at checkout.

Oh, and I'm looking into mugs. This place doesn't do black mugs. I can have white ones made up pretty quickly, but I'm assuming people would rather have black ones, so I'll see if I can find some options elsewhere.

It's grrrrrrreeeaaatt!!!!
I'll have another go at it tomorrow .... when I changed the country to Ireland I lost the link to the design
It's too slow a process to try again right now.

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I'll have another go at it tomorrow .... when I changed the country to Ireland I lost the link to the design
Ireland's like that. We don't generally like sloganeering.
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