Coming Attraction: Movie Forums T-Shirts


My shirt came a few weeks ago, but I forgot to model it.

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Awesome. Definitely going in the gallery with the others.
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Soon as I figure how to take a pic with my phone, send it to Photobucket, then Ill be able to post mine. I got a new phone, the features are .....many

I got a new phone, the features are .....many
LOL. That's how I think of my phone. I use it for calls, texting, and reading the news paper.

Soon as I figure how to take a pic with my phone, send it to Photobucket, then Ill be able to post mine. I got a new phone, the features are .....many
Awesome, I'll wait for that and then add you and Holden to the gallery at the same time. Lemme know if I can help! I love seeing these.

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I will probably order one of these (although it won't happen until late Spring/early Summer probably). I am a big t-shirt wearer. So I would like to get one of these. I will also most likely order a mug, too. I really like the look of those.
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Okay, mug thing very soon, just had to sort out an annoying issue where a lot of those T-shirt links apparently expire. Pretty dumb.

To avoid having to re-do a dozen designs over and over, the Store page just links to basic versions of each design (with the URL on the back) by default, but I'm still happy to whip up any custom combinations (softer material, lower/uppercase, no URL, different color, slogan, custom text), just say the word.

Okay, I think this mug link should work. Like with the shirts, there's no markup: the cost is just what it costs to do one-off custom items. At some point I'd really like to order some shirts or mugs in bulk to get that price down (a few dozen makes a huge difference), though that'd involve waiting for a dozen or more people to commit, which I'm thinking will be kinda tricky and take awhile.

That said, if you want one, and you're willing to wait a few days, maybe just register as much in this thread, and if several other people do the same, I can place an order and then send them out myself. It could be a lot cheaper.

Anyway, note that the logo wraps "around" the mug, like this:

If someone wants a white one, there are more options, including (I think) the ability to put the logo more on the side, but I heard a few people say they wanted one even with the "wraparound" layout, so here ya' go.

Pics or it didn't happen! Even though you're a perfectly honest guy and I actually totally believe you regardless of whether or not you post pics.
You will have to wait for someone to be around to take the pic. No selfies for this guy.