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It has done. Sometimes it takes a few minutes to add pics and sound bites.

Oh... who put Guap in Japan?

I'll probably have to remove that one if he asks.

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I will drop this whole American English thing after just one minor criticism. It's another pronunciation thing again, and it's how Americans pronounce English county names that end in "shire". Americans pronounce it exactly how it is spelt . For example, English people pronounce it: Derby'SHUR' or depending on the accent Derby'SHA'. It's goes through me when I hear Americans on TV shows pronounce it like that. That's it, rant over. Beer time!

Ultimately, it's up to Rodent where he wants this map to be on the casual/accurate spectrum, but I will say that if he decides he wants it to be accurate, you guys should definitely respect that.
Please direct all complaints to Steve.

I don't mind a bit of fun... I've let SC's slide as it's pretty funny and he did it to himself. Would like it if he would do a proper one though.

As for adding other people's or doing spoof ones for the sake of it, in this case Guaporense, I might have to draw a line on it.

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Ive just added mine and if I remember I will change it once we have moved
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N3wt's Movie Reviews New DVD Thread Top-100

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We have been talking about it for years! A couple of small ones have gone off, though. John McClane came and visited LTIzzy and I for a week, and another time, Holden, Yoda and JC met in Washington DC.
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Film Review by Sedai

Yeah, I'm always down for this kind of thing. I'll make time in my schedule if someone comes out near me or wants to meet nearby. I could be persuaded to drive a bit if it involved meeting up with multiple MoFos, too.

And I'm really holding out hope that one of my favorite video games, SpyParty, has a booth at PAX East next year, since that would give me an excuse to drive up to Boston and meet Sedai and the gang.

Maybe if I win the lottery and I can afford the travel costs

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I've had MoFos stay at chez Tat before and I'm sure I will have again. Tatty Cottage is far nicer than the last place too, phalanx of cats notwithstanding.
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Hehe. Well, standing offer: any MoFo who comes out my way, lunch is on me.
When I have my philosophy degree and am homeless, I'll take you up on that offer.

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A movie night or something with MoFos would be awesome. Yoda cant you purchase a small island somewhere and name it The Isle of MoFo and only members can enter? Just a thought