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It's to be expected that if a nation is built on immigration, it's language is as backwards as its people.. People say the same about Britain, only difference is the ancient immigrants tp these lands were all Germanic races - practically all the same race anyway.

This is going to get out of hand soon.

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A system of cells interlinked
You can't improve a language by mispronouncing Aluminium.
That's not how the word is spelled.


Sorry, this was already settled at Oxford University and isn't up for discussion anymore! The word is Alum - i - num. Period, end of story.

*Runs and hides*
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That is true, Slob.

"English" as in "Anglo" (the French still call it L'Angleterre meaning Anglo Terrain).

The Anglo Saxons were from Northern Germany and Southern Denmark. To be truly English, means you're actually German.
The usage of surnames by the Angles was also introduced by the French for taxation purposes when they conquered this little island of ours... so they could track more precisely who had or hadn't paid their tax. Before that, the Angles didn't use surnames.

Alu-min-ium - that's how it's pronounced. I know this because we brought the world the real English language, Shakespeare, Dr Johnson, John Milton and J. K. Rowling.

Garbage? Sidewalk? F*ck right off.
Um, it's a walkway on the side of the street, ergo sidewalk. Makes perfect f*cking sense.

Yeah, and garbage is when they gar on the bage. Seriously. It's not hard to figure out.

Anyway... enough of this thread jacking.

Aluminum was actually a typo by Hans Christian Oersted which was snapped up by the 'mericans.
He spelled it with an i in every instance apart from one time in his extensive notes when he discovered it.

Right. No more.