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It's there but I can't move yours, Lawyer... only you can edit your own pin.

Click it and bring up the box, at the bottom right of the pop-up is an arrow, click that and a box comes up saying Done and Cancel, (if that box is in the way you can move it out of the way) after that, you can move the pin.
Cheers Rodent
Too weird to live, and too rare to die.

"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

You know you gave Sexy a playground. The king of freeziness cracked me up for some reason.
It was added by me!
“The cinema is truth 24 frames-per-second” ― Jean-Luc Godard

I've realised I can actually edit them. If I log into my account, I have total control over the map as it was made using that account.

Imma move everyone around

Yoda can live in Brazil... might move gbgoodies to Antarctica...

Nah... we won. But we decided to walk away from you bunch after we saw what you were doing to our language.

There's a few MoFos on here I thought were American but are British.

Skep is one of them. I thought he was in the same State as Yoda. Turns out he's about 25 miles from me!!

A system of cells interlinked
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"It doesn't do any good to say, 'This is what it means.' When you are spoon fed a film, people instantly know what it is. I like films that leave room to dream." - D. Lynch

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