Do You Like the New Look?


Hi Again,

As I'm sure you've noticed, we've changed our layout. I really wanted this site to stand out...and that meant straying from the "default" template usually used with this forum script...I lost a few hours of sleep making the changes, but feel it was worthwhile.

Anyway, what do all you think of the new layout? Please take the time to vote and reply with your comments on how you voted, and why!

Comments, especially, are very important - if there is a general consensus concerning one thing or another I will heavily consider making a change to accomodate.


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The logo is better... the old one looked like you just used the 'waves' fill in emerald green on fireworks This one is cool
Yep... good job

... I change my vote to an improvement!
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Hey man, I think the new logo rocks! i hear you made it urself, excellent job! I love how it's got the film around the word FORUMS, Now u just gotta find a bag of popcorn to maybe put in the top right corner, that might look cool , U should have a contest and giveaway a movie! that'd be sweet -Brian

Yeah, a contest would be cool. As soon as we make a little dough from this site (I think we will eventually), I'll definetly consider some contests.

As for the popcorn...a friend of mine had a better idea...

You know those black dots on the main forum page? They "turn" yellow when there are new posts in that friend suggested having an empty tub of popcorn, and a full tub when there are new posts! Unfortunatly I'm not good at creating icons like that...but if I can find the images somewhere I'll DEFINETLY do it!

Keep the coments/votes coming!
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I made a little image/link to your site and put it on my site, if you wanna see it go to, or if thats not working,
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I like the new look, as well. Believe it or not, though, I didn't notice there was a new look until I saw the thread asking whether people like the new look. I gotta start paying more attention to things.

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Originally posted by ryanpaige
Believe it or not, though, I didn't notice there was a new look until I saw the thread asking whether people like the new look.
lol - same with me. But I must say it looks a lot better!

BTW - if you want a Promo DVD of Analyze This for a contest - I've got one.

You know you were looking for a popcorn pic?

On later reconsideration, this might not be what you're looking for, but you can edit them ... I expect (didn't read their AUP)

Actually those links don't work...I went to to run a search on "Popcorn" and found some interesting pictures; however I'm not really interested in buying their whole package. I'll keep searching - but thanks for noticing and helping!

Hhhhmmm, see what you mean, they must use cookies or something. They worked when I searched for them anyway, sorry

Yeah I'd assume as much.

No prob, thanks for the effort. I appreciate the help.

Keep the thoughts flowing on new ideas! I'm woring on upgrading this site as we speak and have some cool things in store.

We'll also be holding a contest quite soon thanks to JRS385 - thanks JR!

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welcome TWT


If you want some additional movie stuff for a contest, I'd be happy to supply you with some. I've produced a movie that will be coming out in a few months, and I can give you some Music Soundtrack CDs from the movie. (It's mostly a rock 'n' roll soundtrack with a couple of ska songs thrown in.) They being manufactured now, will be ready in about 3 weeks.


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I see you found some popcorn looks very nice!

Thanks...user "George Bailey" was the guy who created them - thanks George! (real name is Peter).

In addition, I hope to launch the rest of the site's content in the next week or two...wish me luck!

Great site your brother jeremy was right you are a good web designer
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