Profile Banners...


Disclaimer - Rattus I'm just kidding. I;m a pacifist and would not hurt a hair on your head. I'll find a photo of Hannibal instead and there is no hurry. I don't want you to spend time on it like you did because you were frightened of MistressV.

"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

Krampus is great fun, but seriously, I was just teasing Yoda because my bro was attached to those movies so I said I was going to promote in such a way he couldn't smack me for plugging.

OK last gif just because I'm laughing at the reminiscing

I miss that show.

One more then I promise I'm done

I'm a ginger. This line had me on the floor.

Aren't you talking to me now SC? Come here for a pat, my fluffy lil land piranha

OK I'm sorry it's another gif, but this suits me in the current climate, dontcha think?

To the admin who deleted my rude word gif, I cant see who you are on my comment wall to respond. Point taken. I was getting ahead of myself. Thanks for letting me know. I momentarily forgot gifs are in full view. Wont happen again. Apologies.

Been messing with animated Banners again for Hannibal...
Can't get them below 2mb...

But I thought this would be a good image

Had to edit the picture heavily as the original pic wasn't the same proportions in the height and width to the banner sizes.

@Dani8 , any good?

Rodent, you have some serious cannibal business on your mind today, with that and Texas Chainsaw 2.

I want a Young Guns profile banner. That'll be the ultimate Rodent signature. I'm serious. A still image, not animated. And maybe another smaller still image on the left side instead of just blackness. Maybe.

Beer coming your way. PM me your PO Box addy.

Thanks Rattus.

Now have to figure out how to make it my banner...I've never done this before.

I love the promo shots that season. I have one each signed to me by Mads and Hugh hanging on my wall. I'm not an autograph hunter and havent been since I was a teen but one of the producers organised it for me. I squealed.

Rodent, you have some serious cannibal business on your mind today, with that and Texas Chainsaw 2.

He did it for me because I'm a foodie. thinking up ways to cook my crazy spinster neighbour.

Save the pics as PNG if you can rather than BMP.
PNG is a smaller file size and doesn't lose quality.

How about now, SC? I clicked on something and it said upload fail