Profile Banners...


Mine at the moment:

I cut it out of a classic film poster from Fellini's La Dolce Vita. I also have it as my facebook cover already for quite some time.
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You really should use a different profile banner, Rodent. Your current one is too black and using too much black in something isn't healthy. It signifies depression. I think you should change to that nice RoboCop banner you made.

Have a look at my profile, I'm using the Gremlins one...

Have a look at my profile, I'm using the Gremlins one...
That's worse! Even if there's a lot less black. Use that RoboCop banner.

I'm just using the Gremlins one to show SC that it looks better when seen on a profile...

Am switching back to Dredd soon... maybe RoboCop...

I tried your RoboCop banner on but I didn't really care for it -- the background's too blurry for me.

YG isn't in my top 10 anymore... hasn't been for a year or so.

I'm keeping my own Banners to my Top 10 I think...

Yeah, I like your new RoboCop banner.

You saw my YG banner on my profile, right?

Yeah saw it... looked pretty good on the profile...

I just made mine. It's understated but classy. if anyone has anything else for me I'll hook you up with...kudos and/or appreciation, and maybe even rep even though I disavowed rep after the infamous removal of negative rep that still hurts whenever I think about it.
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Is this some kind of joke? We're talking to a wall
I have finally settled on mine. It will be this one for a while I think.

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